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Thank you Veterans

We cleared our desk today to examine how best we might acknowledge our gratitude for the generous contributions to the Catch Ministry. If we worked with paper, the floor would be littered with sheets that had crumpled beginnings such as … … Continue reading

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How do you say ‘Thank you’ for this?

Today we honor those men and women who have served their country on behalf of us all. They answered the call. They gave the best years of their lives to protect our freedoms. They put themselves in harm’s way. They … Continue reading

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A cold and very broken Hallelujah

But it’s not a cry that you hear tonight It’s not some pilgrim who claims to have seen the light It’s a cold and a very broken Hallelujah – Leonard Cohen Leonard Cohen died last night at his home in … Continue reading

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Steakhouse Veteran

There is a steakhouse in Centennial, Wyoming, that has been in operation since 1872. We found it when we were sightseeing with our son Chandler in the mountains near where he currently resides. It was a couple of weeks ago … Continue reading

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The ultimate sacrifice

veteran: 1) a person who has had long experience in a particular field, 2) a person who has served in the military. Under Federal Law, the definition of a veteran is a simple one: any person, who served honorably on … Continue reading

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Those who have been to the wall for us

Today we remember those who have served their country and gone to the wall for the rest of us that our freedoms and our lives might be protected. In times of relative peace, we do not know that they are … Continue reading

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