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Against the wind

This has been a monumental year so far. With this being an election year, and a completely divided electorate throwing contempt from pole to pole, and evangelical Christians sought after by both sides — not for their faith or their … Continue reading

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Put out the welcome mat

It’s voting day here in California. Out and about you find voting signs and there are police warnings on my emergency app about possible congestion around polling places. We’ve been talking a lot about politics lately here at the Catch … Continue reading

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Moving on up!

In an election year the future of America will depend on how well people lose. So get ready, some of us will have to apply this to ourselves. But of course, it’s just as important how we win. Maybe even … Continue reading

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Take the high road

It is critical, especially in light of the ongoing culture wars (and they are ongoing; and appear to be worsening) how we behave as Christians in the world and in the marketplace of ideas, and right now, it’s my observation … Continue reading

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I’m really puzzled. Two days ago I published a Catch about what I had learned from something Neil Young wrote in an open letter to President Trump. Now I knew I was stepping into a political minefield that I probably … Continue reading

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Thank you, Neil Young

I don’t blame the people who voted for you. I support their right to express themselves, although they have been lied to, and in many cases believed the lies, they are true Americans. I have their back.  – Neil Young, … Continue reading

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Becoming friends with your enemies

So now that we have all of you with boots on the ground refusing to enter into gossip, rumors, and negative talk with friends about perceived enemies — now that there are so many of you, as Bob has suggested … Continue reading

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We, the people

I had a splendid interview on BlogTalkRadio last night with Doug Stevens about loving our enemies. Tolerating our enemies is not a high enough standard. Jesus wants us to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute (say evil … Continue reading

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