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Two wills and a destiny

So I woke up in Phoenix this morning but there’s no baseball in sight, unless the Diamondbacks are home tonight.  But I wouldn’t know that because I am not here for baseball, I’m here for my son, Chandler. He has … Continue reading

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All the right stuff

For those of you who have been following our 19-year-old Chandler over the years, I have to tell you that he is doing well. In these last few months, he has taken incredible strides in the right direction. Just yesterday … Continue reading

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A smile that could light a candle

Marti heard about my day today and that I was just starting the Catch at 2pm and suggested I write about a “normal” day in the life of John. My plan was to be writing the Catch this morning at … Continue reading

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To you from Chandler

by Marti Fischer There are many amazing realities about our Catch community, but maybe for John and me, the most awesome thing has been the recent comments and encouragements that we have received daily over these past several weeks as … Continue reading

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Scout Chandler

I want to start this morning by thanking all of you who have written and commented, especially on the last two “boots” posts. They seem to have really connected with many of you. I know that’s because this whole experience … Continue reading

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These boots are made for walking

We bought Chandler a pair of cowboy boots on Saturday. We helped him pick them out amidst serious deliberation. It took over an hour. It could have taken all day — we didn’t care — we were with him and … Continue reading

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Grieving couple creates care package

We are getting Chandler’s first care package ready to send out today. More of his clothes, his backpack, shampoo and conditioner, more pictures to add to the photo album Marti made that we sent along with him, a personal CD … Continue reading

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Don’t wait until you’re profound

Wow. Unbelievable. Awesome. Don’t know what to say. We are overwhelmed. The outpouring of love and prayer support for our family from all of you is truly humbling. (See yesterday’s Catch.)

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