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‘Till we meet again’

First the title caught my eye. It came in an email I receive through an online Christianity Today subscription. “Died: Joyce Lin, Missionary Pilot Transporting Coronavirus Supplies: The American crashed just months after she started flying in Indonesia.” Then I … Continue reading

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a sacrificial poet

    This is the logo for one of the open mic’s John attends. John wants to welcome any Chicago visitors to “The Catch,” and thank them for welcoming him into their community.     John Shirk is a missionary to … Continue reading

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A vision becomes a Reality

This is an important day: June 17, 2019. Mark it. This is the day we discover that we are a part of something bigger than we ever dreamed.

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A candle in the darkness

Live out your years in humble fear Love the Lord As innocent children you’ll appear Like a mysterious light In the darkest of night We’re going to spend one more day with these words and with the words following that … Continue reading

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Up and out

Your mission today (should you choose to accept it) is to get yourself up out of bed and throw yourself out into the world. That’s right: Get up and get out. My, how daring we are! Well, yes, when you … Continue reading

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An unMissionary on a mission

You are where you are for a reason. Your vocation, your neighbors, your community and your many associations are a world you inhabit to which you were sent. Every one of us has a sphere of influence that involves at … Continue reading

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