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Turn, Turn, Turn

by Marti Fischer People are waiting for Jesus. Jesus can be seen in us when we are unmasked. We are unwilling to be unmasked over what people might see. Jesus remains hidden. People are still waiting for Jesus. When we … Continue reading

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The Big One

Californians are talking about earthquakes again. Faults, and tectonic plates, and shifts in the earth’s crust are all the rage. After 20 years of relative calm, everyone is wondering when and where the next one will come. And here in … Continue reading

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Towards a Spirit-driven life

Both Andrew and my wife pointed out one small detail I failed to mention in my Catch yesterday where I pointed out that the commands of God had all been reduced to a single simple one with two parts: Love … Continue reading

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Step One: Pieces on the Ground

Step 1: We admitted we were powerless over alcohol—that our lives had become unmanageable. Change begins with an admission of the fact that we are powerless to change ourselves. Nothing truly positive can happen in our lives until we admit our … Continue reading

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Get up and get out

Your mission today, and every day, (should you choose to accept it), is to get yourself up out of bed and throw yourself out into the world. That’s right: Get up and get out.

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Living in the lowlands

“Here’s to fragility and recognizing the treasure that can be found living in the lowlands in the place where faith and doubt, courage and fear, surrender and struggle, bravery and timidity and belief and unbelief happily intermingle and coexist quite … Continue reading

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Life on life

Ministry – including evangelism and discipleship — is people touching people – life on life. It is not just disseminating information. You can do that with a piece of paper or a book or a website. It is faith working … Continue reading

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Bluffing in the Spirit

My favorite part of The Princess Bride is the final scene (except for the kissing at the end). Westley has somehow managed to get into Buttercup’s bedroom, though he is completely powerless. He’s had the life sucked out of him … Continue reading

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