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‘Pulling out of the station’

I’m not sure who first said it, but it’s become pretty much of a commonly held belief now that 80 is the new 60. I’ll believe anything that makes me younger. That still seems a little old, but the truth … Continue reading

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Getting the right Jesus

When God moves upon a generation, divisions dissolve. Denominations become irrelevant. All that matters is: Do you know Jesus? Jesus is the central figure in the church, and, indeed, in all of human history. We measure the date by when … Continue reading

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Jack Sparks, Francis Schaeffer, Chuck Smith and…

Catch Ministry Television Advertisement – No Retreat —————– November 7, 2018 :60 TV/NO RETREAT QUE UP MUSIC: Soft choir music: “Just As I Am” FIRST VIDEO: Fade in on a grainy black and white Billy Graham video…. FIRST CAMERA: John … Continue reading

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A quiet kind of revolution

But something many have forgotten There’s more than merely meets the eye A quiet kind of revolution Is coming down on us from the sky   You can’t read about it in your textbook You can’t see it on your … Continue reading

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No longer dodging Jesus

I understand why Marti is asking that I stop avoiding conflict. How can I sing a new song of deliverance to those who have no hope, if, at the same time, I insist on remaining comfortable among those who do? … Continue reading

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You can’t go back

So to complete the Father’s Day experience, it was the case of the two Papas at the ball game, sitting in the upper deck in the hot sun, trying to stay cool and root for the Angels, which, on this … Continue reading

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Breaking News: The Jesus Movement never died!

Jesus is still the message; Grace is still the means; and Grace Turned Outward is the ministry to the world. Drop everything else and pick this up. This is what it is all about. Contrary to popular opinion, and even … Continue reading

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On the revolutionary road

At the beginning of the Seventies, John, along with several others, shook Christianity to its base. They burst on the scene seemingly unknown to each other yet all with the same message. The message was about Jesus and how his … Continue reading

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