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The Big One

Californians are talking about earthquakes again. Faults, and tectonic plates, and shifts in the earth’s crust are all the rage. After 20 years of relative calm, everyone is wondering when and where the next one will come. And here in … Continue reading

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Speechless in (your city here)

If we are faithless, he remains faithful, for he cannot disown himself. 2 Timothy 2:13 We have a Catch member who has found out his wife has been unfaithful. Though his heart has been broken and he’s lost nights of … Continue reading

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Case dismissed

Three months ago, I spent the morning in a courtroom with my 19-year-old son, Chandler. Although he was of the age that the court now treats him as an adult, I went along for moral support. About a year ago, … Continue reading

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Use your freedom well

On this week of national holidays — Canada: today; U.S.: Thursday; Hong Kong: today, not so happy (see below) — it’s important to refocus our direction and calling. Sometimes we forget how significant this message of Grace Turned Outward really … Continue reading

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Painting in the dirt of our lives

Yesterday I wrote about the story of a Mexican immigrant who drives a short-haul truck route all over Los Angeles and has found a way to express his artistic nature and training in the the dirt and muck that forms … Continue reading

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Dirty life art

Arnulfo Gonzalez is a Mexican immigrant who lives in Los Angeles. He wants to be an artist. He earned a degree in art from East Los Angeles College and attends drawing classes with his wife whenever he can. But art … Continue reading

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The judging game

I take notice today that there are actually two sides to judging: there is judging, and there is being judged. Both are important and both are something we should be without. We don’t talk very much about the second one, … Continue reading

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Another admissions scandal

Our son, Christopher, lives about ten minutes from a church that has the reputation, among many churched and even non-churched people, for having the absolute best pre-school in town. It’s like the USC or Stanford of pre-schools. Christopher’s daughter, Jocelyn, … Continue reading

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