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‘Pulling out of the station’

I’m not sure who first said it, but it’s become pretty much of a commonly held belief now that 80 is the new 60. I’ll believe anything that makes me younger. That still seems a little old, but the truth … Continue reading

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The only way to be without sin

There is a section in the Book of Jeremiah in the Old Testament where God has the prophet Jeremiah proclaim destruction on the Babylonian empire. (Babylon was one of the great empires of the world, but as it turned out, … Continue reading

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Grace is to give away

When you think about it, there is really no such thing as Grace alone without being Grace Turned Outward. I don’t think you can have it. It’s not like two stages of grace: you get one, and then sometime later, … Continue reading

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Pop quiz

  Last week I met a former prof at a Christian University who taught courses in Biblical Studies and he shared with me one of his favorite things to do in his classes to help teach his students about grace. … Continue reading

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Football, forgiveness and a fallacy

As Christians and evangelical Christianity get more and more mention in the press, we need to be smarter about testing what is properly represented, misrepresented, or what might have been compromised in the process. For instance, I read a newspaper … Continue reading

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Better to be saved

Trying to be better is way over-rated. It’s more beneficial to be one who is saved and out seeking others who are lost.

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Grace Card: Don’t leave home without it

Any relationship is going to require a Grace Card. That’s because we are destined to fail each other over and over again. We will fail each other because we are fallible, and we will fail without even trying, because our … Continue reading

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Something from nothing

Nothing comes from nothing; nothing ever could. So somewhere in my youth or childhood, I must have done something good.  – The Sound of Music The sentiment in this song is a beautiful and tender expression of grace from a … Continue reading

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