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Staying awake to the world

My father sat in on an L.A. studio session in 1970 during the recording of my second album, “Have You Seen Jesus My Lord?”. He was not there because he liked the music (he didn’t), he was there for me, … Continue reading

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Warming up to millennials

Last night on on BlogTalkRadio we received an excellent primer for understanding millennials from two of our millennial leaders here at the Catch. Deborah Mullan and Elizabeth Shirk answered a number of questions about their peers, such as: What are … Continue reading

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Signs not shrines

John, one of our regular readers, went through an experience adjusting to the deaths of his parents while living in the same house he grew up in that they occupied for 45 years. He spoke of similar feelings that I … Continue reading

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We the (fallen) people

The landmark new book, We the Fallen People: The Founders and the Future of American Democracy by Robert Tracy McKenzie, PhD, Vanderbilt University, and Arthur F. Holmes, Chair of Faith and Learning and professor of history at Wheaton College, brings … Continue reading

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Whose kingdom?

We are now at a critical juncture in our cultural history as Christians in America. We are discovering that the kingdom of God has nothing to do with the kingdoms of this world, be they governmental, social or religious. We’ve … Continue reading

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An unorthodox instrument of God

by Marti Fischer When wanting to get away with something without her husband knowing, my Mother-in-law often used to quote an old saying, “When the cats away,” she would say, “The mice will play.”  Well … while John is away … Continue reading

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Blessed are the weird

[Warning: This smile has been known to light candles, so be sure and check before you leave the room that you’re not leaving a candle burning somewhere, unless it’s in your heart!] We’ve had some wonderful responses to the idea … Continue reading

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‘Time to Get the News Out’

[If you are wondering what this Catch is all about, you have most likely missed the recent Catches that summarize the story behind my novel, Saint Ben. If so, go to http://www.catchjohnfischer.com and scroll down to the Catch for June … Continue reading

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