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How Not-Enough gets a new name

Okay, be honest now. How long did it take for you to figure out that the Face ID to open your phone is not going to recognize you with your mask on? And having realized that, how many more times … Continue reading

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Are we hoarding or giving?

We’ve got to take care of each other. Someone helped us this morning which enabled us to help someone else. That’s the way it goes. We’ve got to look out for one another.

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Peace and good will

I don’t know if it is just a busy year, or the deep-seated cultural malaise that has set in over such political divisiveness and ill will in this country that has sucked some good out of the good cheer of … Continue reading

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What we learned

One of the things we have learned through this campaign is who some of our influencers are here at the Catch. Peter Herschend saw a community; Marti built it; Shar’i filled a need within it with tangible acts of love; … Continue reading

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Catch Influencers then and now

As we pointed out in a recent Catch, our cornerstone philanthropic investor, Peter Herschend, envisioned a community cyber church and in 2012 went to work making that vision real. Between then and now, the Lord has brought many leaders to … Continue reading

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Catch Influencers: Marti Fischer

Marti and I have shared a story since we first met. It’s a little drama we play out. One of us asks the other, “How much do you love me?” And the other holds out a hand showing a little … Continue reading

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She had a Hotline to Heaven and used it often

by Marti Fischer Along with her husband, JJ, we continue to grieve over the loss of The Catch Ministry’s Elder and Prayer Warrior, Shar’i. The Catch Ministry would not exist without the power of prayer. And I am not sure … Continue reading

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You are an influencer

You are an influencer if: you want to make a difference in somebody’s life; you have a gift and you want to use it; you want to be found doing the will of God when the Lord comes back; you … Continue reading

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