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a sacrificial poet

    This is the logo for one of the open mic’s John attends. John wants to welcome any Chicago visitors to “The Catch,” and thank them for welcoming him into their community.     John Shirk is a missionary to … Continue reading

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‘All aboard!’

People, get ready There’s a train a-coming You don’t need no ticket You just get on board All you need is faith To hear the diesels humming Don’t need no ticket You just thank the Lord – Curtis Mayfield Get … Continue reading

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Reaching our world

When Marti Wolcott was a brand new Christian and a stewardess (pre-“flight attendant” days), she heard that you could let the Bible fall open and blindly point your finger at a verse and God would lead you to His personal … Continue reading

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God’s welcome home

Sometimes you don’t know what you’re missing ’til you leave it for awhile… My good friend and mentor, Ron Ritchie, sent me a picture yesterday of the Christian rock group, Love Song, and Phil Keaggy, taken at an awards event … Continue reading

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Successor to Billy Graham

Going to take a second day breakaway from the twelve steps theme to focus on one more thing about the passing of Billy Graham. It’s not every day the greatest evangelist of the century dies. Not to get caught up … Continue reading

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Life on life

Ministry – including evangelism and discipleship — is people touching people – life on life. It is not just disseminating information. You can do that with a piece of paper or a book or a website. It is faith working … Continue reading

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‘Don’t give up on me’

My wife, Marti, loves to tell the story of a dramatic rescue in which she played a significant role when she was a flight attendant. On a routine done-it-a-hundred-times flight from Chicago to New York, a gentleman on board had … Continue reading

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Walk and talk

Tonight, we are privileged to have on our BlogTalkRadio show an old friend and spiritual mentor, Leighton Ford. Leighton has a long and illustrious career: as an evangelist with the Billy Graham Association, of which he served as Vice President; … Continue reading

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