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Getting ready for heaven

Arnold is dead. He passed sometime Saturday night after midnight. Marie, his wife, doesn’t know when because she got the first night of uninterrupted sleep that she’s had in a long time. That’s because Arnold’s coughing didn’t wake her. Arnold’s … Continue reading

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Worried about you

I spend time with an eighty-something man who is bedridden and not very communicative, at least not until yesterday. Until yesterday, I haven’t even been sure how well his mind is working. I hadn’t had a conversation with him that … Continue reading

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‘He died climbing’

It’s been said that high in the Alps there is a monument to a faithful guide who perished while ascending a peak to rescue a stranded amateur in inclement weather. According to the story, the monument contains these words: “He … Continue reading

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Loving the curmudgeon

Last Friday I asked for advice on speaking at a curmudgeon’s funeral. The response was overwhelmingly kind. Today’s Catch contains one sentence from each one who wrote in, and I was rebuked by the overall attitude from all who took … Continue reading

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The funeral of an unrepentant curmudgeon

Think of the most ornery cuss of a person you know. This is a person no one likes because he is mean to everyone. There isn’t a nice streak in him, or if there is, he never shows it. He … Continue reading

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Hazel’s last entry

Well we’ve done a wedding online for someone in our community. I suppose we could do a funeral. Although this will be a most unusual funeral — a funeral with the deceased present, sitting up, alert, and very much alive. … Continue reading

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Iman’s last tweet

There have been a number of inspirational sayings floating around the Internet this week attributed to Iman, the 60-year-old Somali-born supermodel and wife of British rock star David Bowie who succumbed to cancer a month ago, after a year-and-a-half secret … Continue reading

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David Bowie, dead at 69

Here am I floating round my tin can Far above the Moon Planet Earth is blue And there’s nothing I can do. David Bowie has died, as dramatically as he ever lived, even leaving us with a parting album, released … Continue reading

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