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It’s Saturday …

It’s Saturday. Christ is in the tomb. We need to talk about what we’re going to do.

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Tetelestai! (It is finished!) – John 19:30 “Tetelestai!” – one word Christ uttered from the cross just before He commended His Spirit into the Father’s hand. “Tetelestai!” meaning, quite simply, “It is finished!.” Done. Completed. Over.

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‘Why …?’

“My God, my God, why …?” Matthew 27:46 Of all the words Christ uttered from the cross, these were the most shocking. Why does the God of the universe ask “Why?” If anything should worry us, it would be this. … Continue reading

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‘I thirst’

Please give me a drink. – John 4:7 We worship a God who became a vulnerable human being. Superman had his kryptonite. Samson lost his hair. Jack Frost relinquished his wintry powers to become the town tailor. Jesus got thirsty. … Continue reading

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