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Masked men (and women)

I went to the grocery store yesterday and after hearing the recommendation to cover your face coming from a number of different sources, I tried to wear a scarf. If we had listened to our son Chandler, we would have … Continue reading

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Staying focused

Question for those of you who are now working out of your home: Are you having a hard time staying focused on your work? The distractions are killing me. Yesterday I got the Catch out at 5:15 p.m., forty-five minutes … Continue reading

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When can I get a hug?

Stay-at-home Mom. Stay-at-home Dad. Stay-at-home schoolchildren. Stay-at-home non-essential workers. I guess just about everybody is staying at home. And all you need to confirm this is to drive on the L.A. freeways during rush hour and find out there is … Continue reading

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‘Germ-free community’

Last night at Church at the Catch, we experienced what could be called a positive outcome of the current coronavirus pandemic. We had the strongest attendance we’ve had since we started holding church live on Facebook, and we had the … Continue reading

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Returning to Eagle Nest, New Mexico

It was a year ago this weekend when Chandler and I entered the valley where the town of Eagle Nest, New Mexico sits on the shore of Eagle Nest Lake. It was Memorial Day weekend, and as we wound along … Continue reading

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You don’t need the Garden Tour, but it wouldn’t hurt

We’re having some pretty strange weather right now for Southern California. When I got up early this morning, the house was 58˚. Marti likes to sleep with the heat off and the windows open, but it’s 52˚ outside right now … Continue reading

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Lobster tale

Our oldest son, Christopher, and his wife, Elizabeth, treated us to a rare delicacy this last weekend (at least rare for us). As a belated birthday dinner for Marti, he went out and got his mother her favorite food — … Continue reading

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Narcissistic spirituality is back

Our good friend Steve tweeted yesterday’s Catch, and for some reason, my email brought up an older Catch from last February instead, “Are we guilty of narcissistic spirituality?”. It turns out to be a divine mistake because the February 17 … Continue reading

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