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There should be blessings

Anne Marie reached out to touch Chandler and bless him (see yesterday’s Catch). It was a moment of power and significance that was as real then as it is today.

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Two wills and a destiny

So I woke up in Phoenix this morning but there’s no baseball in sight, unless the Diamondbacks are home tonight.  But I wouldn’t know that because I am not here for baseball, I’m here for my son, Chandler. He has … Continue reading

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June 7, 2018 is going to be a special day

I have fought the demons of my own dark night Finding only shadows in the dawning light From the song “Time for You” on the album “Casual Crimes” by John Fischer This is a big week in the Fischer household. … Continue reading

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Love is the reason

Marti pointed out that I may have been a little too hard on Chandler in my Catch last Friday, especially in light of so many of you who have followed his story and loved him and cared about him from … Continue reading

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No longer strange

As much as I would like to convey the impression that everything is just dandy with our son, Chandler, and that he returned home an entirely different person with none of the former addictions or behaviors anywhere in sight, I … Continue reading

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How embracing failure can guarantee the greatest success

One of the unique things about the Catch, and we think worthy of your support, is that we are not afraid to reveal our own processes. No one is perfect, and leadership does not consist in the absence of failure, … Continue reading

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From monochrome to Kodachrome

Chandler’s home. Not for good, but for the weekend. More frequent “home visits” are a sign of how well he is doing. Our son is, quite simply, a different person. This is not our doing. It’s not the program he’s … Continue reading

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