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How to safely gather together a group of over 10 people

Sunday night’s Church at the Catch witnessed even more interaction — the most interaction we’ve had involving many who otherwise would have attended a local church but couldn’t because services were canceled due to self-imposed quarantines as an aid to … Continue reading

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Ask not what you can do for God

  David wanted to build God a house. It didn’t seem right that he was in a nice cedar-built mansion and the Ark of the Covenant — the portable presence of God the children of Israel had been carrying around … Continue reading

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Second call

You can’t join the church, you’re joined to the church by the work of the Spirit of God. There are no options to Christian community. When Jesus Christ calls us to Himself, he calls us to each other simultaneously.  –  Don Williams … Continue reading

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What Chandler and Einstein have in common

Chandler taught me a lesson the other night. Now, if I could just learn it. The lesson is quite simple: I need to do a little less thinking about things and a lot more doing. And I need to trust … Continue reading

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No place for tabloids

Did you know that tabloids — those flammable papers full of sex and scandal like National Enquirer that appear at the check-out stands of most supermarkets — are mentioned in the Bible? Sure enough, it’s in Proverbs 16:27: “Scoundrels hunt … Continue reading

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Moving mountains

Jesus said we could move mountains. Now I know at least Marti can. While Chandler and I were camping in the mountains last weekend, Marti moved two of them. Not the ones where we were, but the ones at home … Continue reading

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Can’t stay in Laramie forever

A big thanks to so many of you who have offered Chandler and us congratulations over what we (and especially Chandler) have accomplished through the sometimes scary aspects of his treatment over the past ten months. It has indeed been … Continue reading

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Time to join up with the Musketeers!

Similar to the summer blockbuster movies we have become familiar with, the original novel, The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas is the 19th Century version of a buddy movie. It first appeared one chapter at a time in the Parisian … Continue reading

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