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On the road again

(Click here for a video of John reading this Catch.) Yesterday was Catch Ministry Day at the ballpark. I figured four people associated with the Catch at a single event was enough to make it official. On my left is … Continue reading

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Heaven is in Arizona

I am in heaven. You’ve heard of stories of people visiting heaven briefly and coming back. Lambert Dolphin has one of those stories. This is better. I’m in heaven right now. I am writing this from heaven. Contrary to popular … Continue reading

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The ice is cracking on our isolation

By the time you read this, I will be headed east on Interstate 10 towards Phoenix, Arizona, and Tempe Diablo Stadium for the first Los Angeles Angels spring training game I have attended in two years. Most of you already … Continue reading

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Missing the crowds

I’m so excited. Marti and I have tickets to see Hershey Felder perform Monsieur Chopin tomorrow night at the local theater. Felder is an incredible talent who has created a number of one-man shows where he dons the clothes, the … Continue reading

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Opening Day

Today is Opening Day of the 2020 baseball season. The Commissioner of Baseball, Rob Manfred, published a letter this morning to all baseball fans that reads: “Opening Day holds an important place in our hearts. It signifies the arrival of … Continue reading

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Getting creative

What an interesting time we live in. Just a few weeks ago, Corona was a bottle of beer with a slice of lime peeking out of it, and I would have guessed COVID-19 was a distant planet just discovered that … Continue reading

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To touch or not to touch, that is the question. Jesus was constantly around poverty and disease. He rubbed shoulders with the crowd. He touched lepers to heal them. He spit on the ground, made mud with his spit, rubbed … Continue reading

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The 162nd game

  With the first games of spring training 2020 starting this week, I decided to mark it by going back to one of our most popular Catches which ended the baseball season in October two years ago. This Catch was … Continue reading

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