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‘I want to be part of everything’

Mike Trout is now the highest-paid player in professional baseball. He is receiving an obscene amount of money — $426 million over 12 years — and yet no one has argued that it’s too much money. That’s because just about … Continue reading

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Answering the big questions

I met with one of our board members for an early breakfast this morning and it helped me get my head back in the game after a trip around my annual spring training weekend in Arizona. It reminded me of … Continue reading

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Arizona weekend

Well, I missed some of my first game on Friday. That was due to a one-hour time change I forgot about. Had it been two days later that time change would have been erased by the fact that Los Angeles … Continue reading

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Arizona baseball

By the time you read this, I will be motoring east on Interstate 10 on the way to Tempe, Arizona for my annual Angels spring training weekend. I love this road trip. Being a creature of habit means my first … Continue reading

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Generosity doesn’t have to wait

Here’s some good news. If you aren’t already a gracious giver, you can become one right now. You don’t have to wait. I always thought, “When I have enough money, I will be a generous person.” Now, I realize generosity … Continue reading

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The 162nd game

Who would have thought that after 162 major league baseball games with 30 teams there would be four teams with identical records who would have to play one more game to determine who is a division winner and who is … Continue reading

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‘Welcome to my world’ — God.

The sun throws itself across the entrance to Angels Stadium and dances on our happy faces. A dear friend’s gracious generosity has gifted us with excellent seats for the ball game. We have our red on. We’re ready. The weight … Continue reading

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From spring training to life

[This is my last Spring Training entry for 2018. I hope you’ve enjoyed it, especially those who followed along on Facebook. Thanks for coming along. Tomorrow we will return to the 12-step theme.] Okay, now it’s the second watch. It’s … Continue reading

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