Two ways to give …

Give of your Substance:


Give of your Time:

We appreciate your financial gifts. They help us pay the bills. Additionally, we appreciate those gifts of service provided by members of our Catch community. As we continue to expand, we need volunteers to help in every part of this ministry. You don’t have to be highly skilled to be of service. Some of our most important jobs simply involve posting to social media networks or help with clerical work. Likewise, if you have expertise you can share with us from business, the arts, or technology, we can surely make use of them.

To help co-ordinate our efforts we have formed Team Grace, a community of volunteers. Team Grace brings together people from many walks of life to share their time, their skills, and their passion for this ministry. No matter how much or little time you have to volunteer. No matter what type of skills you have, we invite you to join us in a very simple, but world-changing, mission of spreading the word of Grace Turned Outward.

To learn more about service opportunities with the Catch Ministry contact Team Grace Co-ordinator Terri Main at .