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Eva Mozes Kor 1934-2019

Marti and I spent some time yesterday getting to know about Eva Mozes Kor, a Holocaust survivor who died Thursday on the 4th of July at 85. We want to thank our good friend of the Catch, Robert from Seattle, … Continue reading

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The Pigeon with the Ruby Collar

by Marti Fischer As an expert on the human psyche, my wife has long held that the most popular and recurring fairy tales are universal statements of human interaction that mirror the roles common to all of us as human … Continue reading

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What’s going on next door?

In bringing about a community act of human love and compassion, we helped our neighbors take part in a genuine move of kindness that prevented the imminent homelessness of a single woman in our neighborhood.

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The Churches “R” Us

What is church? According to our friend Keith Giles, author of Jesus Unveiled: Forsaking Church As We Know It To Experience Ekklesia As God Intended, and our guest last night on our BlogTalkRadio show, an unbiased, unindoctrinated observer of the … Continue reading

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Through our own two eyes

Rain can ruin your weekend Or rain can spare your life; Depending on who you are and what your thirst is like.                       – Mark Heard, from the song, “Some … Continue reading

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Losing my religion

With grace, you just have to learn to let a lot of things go — things you trusted in before that don’t matter anymore. Yesterday we talked about what was scary about grace, and we found out that there is … Continue reading

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The Sequel

People get ready there’s a train a-comin’ Pickin’ up passengers coast to coast All you need is faith to hear the diesels hummin’ Don’t need no ticket you just thank the Lord                 … Continue reading

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Some of Christmas is still up

We’re still not taking Christmas down. At least not all of it. We need to hang onto a few things. Here are some things that should bleed over into our lives from Christmas, and keeping a few decorations out might … Continue reading

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