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The Gospel According to You

We’ve got so many of these — the Gospel According to Peanuts, The Simpsons, Biff, Mary Magdalene, and of course, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. But of all of them, the greatest of them for each one of us is … Continue reading

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Don’t give up open anyone

[This story first appeared as a Catch on January 13, 2017. I’m revisiting it because we need to be reminded to listen for this cry in every human soul.] My wife, Marti, loves to tell the story of a dramatic … Continue reading

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Much more than being right

I used to think that I was right. That was back when I thought it mattered. In fact, for a long time, being right was the most important thing about being a Christian. We went to school to learn why … Continue reading

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Ready or not here we go

Things are getting pretty bleak on this side of eternity, but that does not mean we get depressed or lose hope. It just means that things are pretty bleak. Changes in the world’s situation have no affect on the truth … Continue reading

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Silencing the stones

When Jesus made His triumphal entry into the city of Jerusalem on a donkey’s colt (that was a far cry from what the Jews were expecting in their Messiah, even though Zechariah 9:9 had prophesied it 500 years earlier), and … Continue reading

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Jesus whisperer

“I think it’s wonderful we have the free will and the ability to have a relationship with God. When I read the Gospel I hear the Lord talking to me and teaching me, and it’s not all that difficult to … Continue reading

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‘Jesus, He’s my friend’

Jesus, He’s my friend. He took me by the hand; Led me far from this land.             – Arthur Reynolds from the song, “Jesus is Just Alright”   I got a friend in Jesus.   … Continue reading

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Stuck on Jesus

  Look at us over the last week and a half. Go to our website and scroll down through the recent Catches and you’ll find they are all about Jesus. “Jesus is the answer” 8/28/20 “The truth about Jesus never … Continue reading

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