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Stuck on Jesus

  Look at us over the last week and a half. Go to our website and scroll down through the recent Catches and you’ll find they are all about Jesus. “Jesus is the answer” 8/28/20 “The truth about Jesus never … Continue reading

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Jesus is the Answer

Why don’t you look into Jesus? He got the answer.                – Larry Norman   Jesus is the answer for the world today. Above Him there’s no other; Jesus is the way.     … Continue reading

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The truth about Jesus never gets old

It hasn’t been since the 1960s that there was so much division and political and social unrest in America, prompting some to speculate that other parallels might exist between then and now. For instance, it was out of the 60s … Continue reading

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It’s still all about Jesus

All last week Jesus was our theme. It was to be a reminder that it’s always all about Jesus. We are so easily sidetracked onto other things. We nod our heads that it’s all about Jesus but then suddenly we … Continue reading

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In the presence of the Lord

I have finally found a place to live In the presence of the Lord                 – Eric Clapton That was then; this is now. My purpose for turning back the clock on the … Continue reading

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Jesus unscathed

Some say He was an outlaw, that He roamed across the land With a band of unschooled ruffians and a few old fishermen No one knew just where he came from or exactly what he’d done But they said it … Continue reading

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‘Do you know Jesus?’

It’s all about Jesus. Let’s simplify and clarify the religious playing field in this country. It’s easy to do. It’s Jesus, or something else. It’s Jesus, or it’s religion. It’s Jesus, or it’s politics. It’s Jesus, or it’s evangelicals do … Continue reading

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Looking unto Jesus

As it was fifty years ago in the Jesus Movement, so it is today: our message is simply Jesus. It is Jesus, His life, His words, His death, His resurrection, His commissioning, His ascension and His coming back that we … Continue reading

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