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Turn, Turn, Turn

by Marti Fischer People are waiting for Jesus. Jesus can be seen in us when we are unmasked. We are unwilling to be unmasked over what people might see. Jesus remains hidden. People are still waiting for Jesus. When we … Continue reading

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Forgiveness Now!

  If you had been somehow able to view from outside our bathroom window, the conversation I just had with my wife, (why is it that all meaningful conversations in my house happen in the bathroom or the kitchen?) you … Continue reading

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Case dismissed

Three months ago, I spent the morning in a courtroom with my 19-year-old son, Chandler. Although he was of the age that the court now treats him as an adult, I went along for moral support. About a year ago, … Continue reading

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Use your freedom well

On this week of national holidays — Canada: today; U.S.: Thursday; Hong Kong: today, not so happy (see below) — it’s important to refocus our direction and calling. Sometimes we forget how significant this message of Grace Turned Outward really … Continue reading

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Hope follows tragedy

It was later in the day on Friday, March 15, the day of the shooting attack on a Muslim mosque full of worshipers in Christchurch, New Zealand, when I was sending an email to my friend and former college classmate … Continue reading

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America (still) in crisis

Os Guinness’s observations and prophetic challenges about America and culture are so spot on, they remain true over time and something that needs to grab our attention more than just once. I am re-releasing a summary of an interview we … Continue reading

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Prisons of our own making

Your prison is walking through this world all alone.                            – Don Henley and Glen Frey from the song: “Desperado” I guess just about anything can become a … Continue reading

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Free indeed

When referencing that Jesus had come to set the prisoners free, one of our readers commented, “He didn’t specify those wrongly imprisoned but prisoners regardless of what they are guilty of doing.” Great observation, John. We don’t see Jesus going … Continue reading

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