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The unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace

[I told you that while I must have dozed off in my car while waiting last Friday for Marti to get an MRI at the hospital for a diagnosis of what we are still in the dark about, I somehow … Continue reading

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So many questions; so few answers

But among those answers is only one that stands out, and it stands out because it is the only answer that answers every question: People need the Lord.

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Come together, right now, over Jesus

I wrote this Catch four years ago during the 2016 primaries. We were divided then. We are even more divided now. Except for us in the Body of Christ; we are not divided. We have come together over Jesus. And … Continue reading

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“Together” means we are not alone. It means we belong to each other for the duration. It means that if you choose to mess up, you take me with you; and if I mess up, I take you with me. … Continue reading

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‘A harvest of generosity’

God loves it when the giver delights in the giving. (2 Corinthians 9:7 MSG) It is very clear, in all the biblical teachings on giving, that God doesn’t want gifts that are begrudgingly given. He doesn’t want pain in my heart … Continue reading

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The sweet aroma of Christ

We are living in a time of unprecedented fear and instability when news from any source is mostly bad. Outrage is the norm. You’ve got people talking vaguely about dark corners and deep shadows and everyone seems to know what … Continue reading

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Going the distance

  NO LONGER DRIVING THE DISTANCE:  The first thing I noticed was that the contribution was an odd number. ($___.32)  Most contributions come in as whole numbers ($000.00). And then I saw a strange note attached to the record that … Continue reading

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No longer scratching their heads

The Catch Ministry was launched in 2012 by five early members of the Vanguard who led the way for us into a new idea — a new form of worship — a cyber-church. Recognizing congregations all over the world were … Continue reading

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