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Our kingdom is not of this world

There is a movement of fear sweeping across this country that is sucking in a lot of Christians and sidetracking them into much useless endeavor. Christians who have staked their claim on saving a “Christian” America through politics are worried … Continue reading

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Patron saint

I listened again this morning to Lambert Dolphin’s interview from yesterday, and my wife asked me what I liked the most about it. I like that this man has a vast knowledge of the universe, both from his study of … Continue reading

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Lambert Dolphin, space and time traveler

“Jesus is running the whole universe so we have to let Him run our lives too.”          – Lambert Dolphin from the instantly famous BlogTalkRadio interview Our Catch today is going to be a little different. Your … Continue reading

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Zooming with Jesus

For where two or three gather together in my name, I am there among them. Matthew 18:20 I met with a fellow pastor yesterday for about 45 minutes on a zoom call. I must admit, this pandemic is changing a … Continue reading

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Catching up with church

God’s answer for carrying on the presence of His Son, Jesus Christ, in the world today, and accomplishing His work here, is the church. The church is an organic, living organism of believers in Christ all over the world. It … Continue reading

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Marti’s Thanksgiving Day message

On this side of eternity, we have been asking each other, “When is the church really a church?” Is it a church when it is gathering on Sunday morning, or is it still a church when it is scattered out in … Continue reading

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The unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace

[I told you that while I must have dozed off in my car while waiting last Friday for Marti to get an MRI at the hospital for a diagnosis of what we are still in the dark about, I somehow … Continue reading

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So many questions; so few answers

But among those answers is only one that stands out, and it stands out because it is the only answer that answers every question: People need the Lord.

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