Grace patriots


“John and Marti, I’m struggling to find the words, so I’ll just share that Arnold’s story, your friendship with him, his reunion with our Heavenly Father, and his and Marie’s love for each other have touched my heart.”  – Grace Patriot

This day after Independence Day is an appropriate day to read something from someone with the name, Grace Patriot. I normally avoid printing a person’s full name in a Catch, so my apologies to Grace, but I could not help it. I love what Grace wrote here, but I also love her name. Her name is a reminder of where we stand as followers of Christ in America. We are first Christians, members of Christ and His kingdom. Secondly, we are Americans, and our patriotism is seasoned by grace. Grace is underserved favor, and undeserved favor is what we grant to everybody, even our enemies, because God has granted it to us.

We are grace patriots — fanatics of God’s grace. We are amazed every day at the grace God has bestowed on us by saving us and opening our eyes to the fact that we have been saved. And once we realize this, we want to share it with everyone, especially when we find out that He died for the sins of the whole world.

What a misfortune to go through life unaware of the fact that this incredible gift has been offered to you. What a joy to find out that it has — even late in life. Arnold found out in time to appreciate it, even in his incapacitated physical state, and to tell his friends about it as well. He was a grace patriot.

Yes, America is a great country. It’s still a grand experiment in democracy and we are grateful for the freedom we experience living here and for those who have died to maintain that freedom. But our real allegiance is to Jesus Christ and His kingdom. His kingdom is forever and His grace makes it possible for you and me to come to Him, to be forgiven and live in His presence, never to be parted from Him.

Arnold is in His arms right now, and that is full of grace and truth.

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2 Responses to Grace patriots

  1. 14250sc says:

    Could it be that “Grace Patriot” is not his or her name but a descriptor of their personal mission. Thank you for the thoughtful comments, Grace Patriot.

  2. Mark D Seguin says:

    Love her name “Grace Patriot” ❤

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