A thousand graces


I am alive today because of God’s grace. The sun came up this morning because of God’s grace. The stars were out last night because of God’s grace. The breath I’m drawing into my lungs right now is because of God’s grace. Whatever health I enjoy right now, I enjoy because of God’s grace. I am forgiven of the sins I committed since I got up this morning because of God’s grace. I am forgiven of the sins I will commit today that I don’t even know about, because of God’s grace. I open God’s word today because God’s grace has given it to me. I can pray — I can have access to God’s presence right now — because of God’s grace. The birds are singing outside because of God’s grace. The car will start this morning because of God’s grace, and if it doesn’t, it will be God’s grace because of what it will teach me. There are a thousand natural and supernatural benefits we enjoy every day because of God’s grace. Most, if not all, of these phenomena go by unnoticed on a typical day.

What might happen if we noticed them? What if we were more aware of the grace of God? We’d be more thankful. We’d be more humble. We’d be more aware of what God was doing in the world. We’d be more aware of the needs of those around us. We’d be more aware of the power of the Spirit available to us. And in turn, God’s grace would be pouring out of our lives.

Yesterday we talked about the story Jesus told of the guy who had a huge debt forgiven and promptly proceeded to put the screws on the next guy who owed him money, and we concluded that he had no grace to give because he had not received any grace. But wait. He did receive God’s grace — he got his debt forgiven — he just did not see it as God’s grace. In the same way, a person can live under a thousand evidences of God’s grace and not see even one of them as God’s grace, and that person would have no grace to turn outward to anyone else. It all depends on what you see — what you are aware of.

We are living under a thousand of God’s graces every day. We depend on His forgiveness and His love. We are empowered by His Spirit. Open your eyes. For every one of those graces, there is grace to turn outward.

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4 Responses to A thousand graces

  1. Mark D Seguin says:

    Love & Amen to this: “We are living under a thousand of God’s graces every day. We depend on His forgiveness and His love.”

  2. Gary says:

    Thanks for driving this point deep Into my Heart and Mind and no less my Spirit. I’m not wanting to speak silliness, but what came to mind was one of those little counters an Umpire uses to count strikes, one, two, three to a thousand. When I see and feel God’s Grace, I so Hope His Grace will flow from me. Just the thought of that gives me Joy.

  3. Sandie says:

    He so cares about the most minute parts of our life – the things we think are too trivial to bother Him with…
    I remember years back, planning a surprise birthday party for my husband. The guests were to hide in the basement, and the ruse to get him down there was this: our downstairs neighbor was to come and ask him to check out her dryer which wasn’t working…which was a lie. Being a very new believer I didn’t give it a second thought. However, my neighbor, also a new believer,was convicted. When she came up the backstairs to deliver the bad news, my first impulse was to push her down the stairs! There went all my well-laid plans. Disgruntled, I said I’d figure something out. Soon Bobby was home – I knew there were friends waiting in the basement…and I still had no plan. Then there was a knock on the backdoor – our neighbor, asking if Bobby could come look at her dryer which wouldn’t work. She must have seen the look of imminent harm on my face, because she leaned close and whispered, “Praise God, it really isn’t working!” So I got to surprise my husband, we all had a good time…and…miracle of miracles…next day the dryer was working fine! Jesus cared so much about us all that he blessed us with our heart’s need! You may say coincidence – I say grace.

  4. There was a story on the news not so long ago about a little boy named Josiah. His simple faith and sense of what’s right and what’s wrong brought adults to tears. The story began when Josiah and his mother went into a Waffle House. Suddenly, Josiah noticed a dirty-looking man sitting outside the restaurant.

    He began to ask questions. Why was that man so dirty? Why was he sitting outside the restaurant? His mother explained that the man was homeless. What does it mean to be homeless? After Josiah’s mother did her best to explain what it meant to have no home and no family or friends to help out, Josiah asked his mom if they could buy the man a meal, and his mother happily obliged.

    Josiah and his mother invited the man into the restaurant. He sat there and no one waited on him, so Josiah got the man a menu while his mother explained to the man that he could order whatever he liked. At this point the other customers were watching the story unfold. But what really got their attention was what Josiah did when the food arrived. He sang out loud, “God our Father, God our Father, we thank you, we thank you, for our many blessings, for our many blessings, Amen, Amen.”
    Josiah’s mother recalled, “I cried, the man cried, and everyone cried.”

    One of the most simple, yet most important verses in the entire Bible is:
    “ . . . what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” — Micah 6:8

    I think nothing demonstrates that verse quite as well as the act of the little boy Josiah. Simple loving acts that bring glory to the Lord – that’s all God asks.

    God doesn’t ask much from us, yet He does everything for us.
    The least we can do is contribute what we can.
    What simple act of kindness can you do today? It doesn’t take much to serve God and bring glory to His name. Help a stranger, be extra kind to someone who is down, provide some words of encouragement, or even buy a stranger a meal.

    “Open your eyes. For every one of those graces, there is grace to turn outward.”

    Excerpts from the Holy Land Moments Daily Devotionals:
    Simple Acts of Kindness (06-29-18)

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