Being right


Being right is way overrated.

My wife, Marti, and I have an imaginary sign we pass back and forth to each other to hold up as needed. The sign simply says, “YOU’RE RIGHT; I’M WRONG.” That we frequently make use of this sign says that we argue a lot and that holding up this sign is the last resort of a wounded warrior. In other words, we’re competitive and we hate to be wrong. We will fight until the bitter end, and only hold up the sign when we get proven wrong or give up.

It’s hard to admit you’re wrong especially when you think you’re right. But sometimes it’s necessary. It’s necessary for the strength of the relationship. This will be hard for some of us to accept, but there’s something more important than being right. It’s the relationship itself. So are we saying that sometimes you will hold the sign up even when you are pretty sure you’re right? Yes. Because we do not know everything, and we realize the relationship is more important than being right. Besides, we don’t have all the information. There’s more than one way to look at the same thing. We could both be right.

We were just reminded yesterday that the women who were first to the tomb of Jesus, believed, but the men doubted. They thought the women were speaking nonsense. Not only that, but everyone who reported being at the tomb had a different account of what they saw. They all had their own perspective. The men should have held up the sign: “YOU WERE RIGHT; WE WERE WRONG.”

I just found out that Marie, Arnold’s wife (Arnold is my 82-year-old invalid friend who just became a Christian after most of his life as a staunch atheist), has tickets to the Angel game tonight she can’t use, and Arnold wants her to give them to George. Turns out George is a former business associate who was a real “jerk” to him. Arnold wants George to come by and pick up the tickets because he knows how much he loves baseball, and wants to see him and tell him he’s been born again. Who’s right? Who’s wrong here? Who cares?

How many things are more important than being right? I can think of lots of things. Being right is way overrated.

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5 Responses to Being right

  1. Mark D Seguin says:

    Amen to this Beng right is way overrated.

  2. Mark D Seguin says:

    And TY Pastor John for getting to Step 10… 🙂

  3. Wow! Would love to see George and Arnold’s faces. I hope this moment comes to pass successfully!

  4. Jesus Aguilar says:

    Good afternoon to everyone that get to read this sharing.
    It has taken lots of practice of the principles of the program for me to come to a place that I do not need to be right, where I rather be of comfort, love and understanding, No need accolades, I do not expect anything back. Today and only today, I get to love everything, if the time is hard I am learning to praise God for the opportunity to be calm and emotionally serene. My wife and I, both of us live under the same roof 24/7. Yes they are disagreements and we agree that we disagree and then go on with our day. Without her praying me in the program of AA, I would not be able to write this. She calls me out in my most glaring defect of character not as often, thank God.
    “Happy wife — happy life” Most grateful for step 10 because it has help me to be a better person and this better person stands on a strong foundation to receive God the Father, The Holy Spirit and the Son my LORD AND SAVIOR Jesus Christ. Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Celebration
    Jesus Aguilar. Here we go Mark, right into step eleven.

  5. lindastapleton7 says:

    I’ve got behind with reading these posts but so glad I dropped in today. A dear programme friend of mine always says, “would you rather be right than happy?” and he has a good point. Often we can insist that we were in the right, which can make everyone else, including ourselves, miserable, so what’s the point? Lose/lose for everyone. It has taken me a long time to learn this, but it makes for a much happier atmosphere all round.

    I love the updates on Arnold, this is just the best testimony, I can’t wait to hear what God is going to do with him next.

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