Baby steps in


Prophets and priests alike,

    all practice deceit.

They dress the deep wounds of my people

    as though they were not serious.

Jeremiah 6:13-14

Remember the movie, “What About Bob?” Where Richard Dreyfuss plays the psychiatrist whose private life is hounded by the neurosis of one of his patients (Bill Murray)? In his attempts to bring Bob out of his multiple personality disorders, he gives him a copy of his newly released book, Baby Steps, which he promises will help Bob make his way towards normalcy.

Baby steps. I’m thinking today of baby steps not out of bad behavior, but baby steps in. Addictions are formed and justified over time. I’m sure the former Olympic doctor who molested dozens of female gymnasts didn’t turn into a monster overnight. His sexual addiction was built over time by rationalization laid upon rationalization until the unthinkable was commonplace. He got there by taking baby steps in.

I want us to think today about baby steps, but not necessarily baby steps out; baby steps in. Are you taking any baby steps in to someplace you shouldn’t be, or don’t want to be in your heart for God? Now is the time to turn it around, not later. The beauty of AA is that it gives people moments of clarity when they can see what they are actually doing. You suddenly see yourself in the stories of other people who are ruining their lives. You see through the rationalizations that got you where you are. And you see the hope in those who are on their way out.

I think that, especially as believers, in our heart of hearts, we want to do what’s right. That’s because the Spirit of God is speaking to us from the inside. Ask Him to show you if you might be taking any baby steps towards something you really don’t want. AA has a saying, “Do the next right thing.” That’s a good word for all of us. Take baby steps away from evil, not baby steps in, at all times depending totally on the power of God to enable you, because no one can do this on their own.

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3 Responses to Baby steps in

  1. Mark D Seguin says:

    Love the reasoning behind this….

  2. Sandie says:

    Hundreds, thousands…millions (?) of baby steps to get into the pits we dig ourselves. Then Jesus comes and wipes it all away. But there’s a catch…this making Him Lord as well as Savior. Just like the dieter who wants to lose the hundred pounds it took him years to accumulate overnight, we want to be perfect in perfect lives right now. That’s not how it works…baby steps in…baby steps out…with a lot of tears and bruised knees to show for the effort. But that’s part of the Gospel in action – people have to see us as flawed human beings – only Grace redeems us. That gives them hope, that they too can climb out of their own pit. God has all the time He needs – don’t try to rush Him.

  3. To paraphrase Neil Armstrong:
    One baby step for a man
    One giant leap of faith for a mans mind… and soul… and future…

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