Club Grace


Remember, we are card-carrying Christians. We established that this week. That means: We are all sinners who have fallen short of the glory of God; we have all received the free gift of God’s salvation through Jesus Christ that we don’t deserve; and we are depending on Him every moment for His life to be seen in us.

I’m pointing out these things today by way of review because I find we have to keep on saying them as they are so contrary to the way we normally think. For instance, we have nothing to prove and nothing to hide. Let’s think about that for a minute.

Nothing to prove. No one is judging us. We don’t have to make the grade. We come as we are and that’s all. We are accepted on the sheer basis that we came. We got ourselves there. We are not trying to prove anything, we are just trying to belong, and we discover, as soon as we get there, that we do. You come; you are accepted; no questions asked. And this does not apply to us only the first few times we come, replaced by greater expectations later on as we get stronger, it applies every time. Every time. There is no big difference between the one day sober, and the 27 year sober. As our friend Tom says, in AA talk, there is only one day at a time. There is only today. I made it today, and I made it today on the same basis I made it every day for 27 years.

Just as I am without one plea

But that thy blood was shed for me

And as Thou bidst me come to Thee

O Lamb of God I come, I come.

Welcome to the club of misfits. Welcome to Club Grace.

Nothing to hide. Moses is the charter member of this group, although he may not have found out in time to have that mean anything. He was the one who tried to hide himself and found out that his personal attempt at glory faded. That’s because he represented the old covenant — the covenant everyone was meant to break, himself included. He got so disappointed with the disobedience of the people that he smashed that actual first version of the old covenant — the first stone tablets. That was symbolic of the fact that no one can follow them, and when we try and fail, we have to hide like Moses did behind a veil. When we are trying to follow anyone’s expectations, the law, the church, the group, the club, we will fail and wish, like Moses, that we could smash those tablets on the ground, but if this is all we have, then failure has to be covered up in order to give an appearance of success. This is why we hide.

AA (and church) is where we come out of hiding because we have nothing to hide. We have joined a group of losers. Remember, it’s the card that got us in: We are all sinners who have fallen short of the glory of God. We’re among friends. We are all overwhelmed that God’s mercy found us.

As Bob Dylan sings:

When you’ve got nothin’

You’ve got nothin’ to lose.

… and nothing to hide, either.

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2 Responses to Club Grace

  1. Mark D Seguin says:

    So glad I’m in Club Grace! And fully know, I don’t belong, yet happy I am here!

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