Why they go


Thank you to those who have written and told us your stories so far. I think I’m finally starting to get it. I’m starting to get AA, and the steps, and why it works. You can find the answer in why people keep going regularly to meetings, sometimes multiple meetings a day, even after years and years of sobriety.

They go because they feel safe.

I have heard this from virtually everybody in AA. Their safest place is at the meeting. At the meeting is the only place they are free from temptation to give in to their addiction, so if they are feeling particularly pressed, they get to the nearest meeting.

They go because they feel useful.

One of our readers writes: “I go to meetings to meet the newcomer — the new person that is going to walk through the door, with that deer-in-the-headlights look. I love to welcome them and give them the 6 magic words: ‘You are going to be alright.’” This is truly grace turned outward.

They go because they are working on their lives in an environment where everyone else is doing the same thing.

Someone recently told me, “No one makes you do anything. You do everything on your own free will.” That’s freeing, and it’s also encouraging. It makes you want to work on yourself.

They go because they feel empowered.

This is the power of God. This is what happens when you give up. You surrender your life to God and you discover His Spirit is there to give you what you need to follow Him.

They go because whatever happens, there’s always the next meeting.

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10 Responses to Why they go

  1. Lisa in Sunland says:

    Wow – wouldn’t it be awesome if those were our reasons for heading to church? Thank you for this series – many useful thoughts.

    • Rebecca S. Johnson says:

      It could very well be our reasons for heading to church – if only those same things could be said about the church. Sadly, often they are not. 😦

      • Sandie says:

        Sad, but too true…I bear the scars. It’s been said (unfortunately) that the Christian Army shoots its own wounded.
        Thanks to all of you that have shared your AA experience; I have an understanding that I did not have before. God bless you all for stepping ‘out of the boat’ and walking toward Jesus through your storm.
        Jesus will have the final word; and He calls it completion or perfection. Phillipians 1:6.

    • Mark D Seguin says:


  2. I was thinking the same thing, Lisa! I had not been reading this batch of devotions very carefully, more because I was busy rather than not interested. Then yesterday afternoon I got a text out of the blue from a friend at church. Turns out he was on meth and had recently come out of rehab. I knew I had not seen him around lately, but he’s always drifted in and out. His mom had not mentioned a thing about this last round. So WHAMMO, there it is, in your face. Someone right there at church who I should have asked about LONG before now. So keep Jeremy in your prayers, and his sponsor and good friend of our Phil.

  3. Jesus Aguilar says:

    Lisa, these reasons can be the reasons to go to church if you are called to go to church. If going to church got it good for you. Why not go and give it your all? We do in A A because before A A we were on the road to hell and some of us got all the way to the gates and felt the hit.
    John you brought tears to my eyes, yes I am still and I pray that will remain sensitive to the truth for the rest of my living days. You were able to extract the golden jewels that God through the Holy Spirit bestow upon us.
    We love being sober, we love, loving other people, we breath a new air and we are aware that God, a loving God is in charge, we learn to trust His Will for us and we enthusiastically take the action to get it done.
    Today everywhere that I go is safe because I am never alone, God is with me always and I try to make Him laugh all the time. To God be the Glory!!! Do I hear Amen?

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