He had a dream


Martin Luther King Jr. 1929-1968

If we ever needed to remember Martin Luther King, Jr., it is now. Racism is raising its ugly head all over the western world. The needs of immigrants and refugees are pressing the issue. The shape of the world is changing. It’s natural to fear change.

The first step of AA is that we are powerless to change. Racism is a powerful force. We all have it to some extent. We are comfortable with the same and suspicious of the different. We need the power of God to overcome racism, and we have that power. We can use it.

Martin Luther King Jr. taught us to respect the intrinsic value and dignity of every human being. The fact that we are all made in God’s image is not a nice idea somebody thought up; it is a biblical truth. It’s not an option.

Celebrate Dr. King today. Take a few minutes to listen again to his “I Have A Dream” speech and talk about it with those you love. We can’t change the world but God can change us. Ask Him to teach you to see people the way He sees them.

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7 Responses to He had a dream

  1. Sandie says:

    It’s unfortunate that Dr. King’s message has become so politicized that it hardly resembles the dream he spoke of. Like Jesus, he suffered with dignity and strove to never harbor bitterness or hate against anyone. He truly was looking at other people through God’s eyes. He carried himself with the dignity of knowing he was created in God’s image.Like the bible, we need to study the whole body of his work and life. His assassination, along with that of Bobby Kennedy that same year, destroyed something in the fabric of our nation; something that started unraveling with John Kennedy getting gunned down in Dallas – something being eroded daily with our Vietnam dinner news fare. We cannot go back or retrieve what we lost then; we can only hope and pray for the wisdom to rebuild something good and true from the ruins..
    Phillipians 1:6 – “He who has begun the good work in you will complete it.”

  2. John Haak says:

    Nice typo-Freudian-slip in opening line … Marti is your personal reminder of justice and action I think.

  3. Mark D Seguin says:

    I luv MLK speech I have a dream today and thx 4 posting the video of it too, Pastor John! I can very easily recalled back yrs ago while working full time as an Engineer, during the evenings after work. I’d often get together w/ someone in my Biz group to help them build their Biz. This one evening on MLK Day I knocked on the door of a person that jus had joined the Biz in friend of mine Biz (which was my Biz too) As I heard him say come-on-in, I walked in and seen him putting down the Newspaper & Bible. He goes man Mark have you ever read MLK’s I have a dream today speech and see how much it’s Biblical based?

    I said I’ve read it a few times, but never giving it much thought about how it is based on the Word. Other then surely our Lord who was Jewish doesn’t see skin color. He laughed so did his wife. They were also newer believers because of the Biz – Almost needles to say we had a GREAT time together that night! Praise God for His goodness & being color blind – as this gentleman said later on that evening…

  4. Jesus Aguilar says:

    Well, I am a dark, very dark skin and I was born in Mexico City, down there never I felt different from my pears. Then I emigrated to the US and at the border felt the eyes of the Emigration officer hard on me. Went to work and was given the opportunity on a night shift, we were all dark skin people and in the morning the new crew were all white people. Kept on working and show my skills and this advance me to night foreman. White people made me feel different but I never felt less. Sad to say even today, people of dark skin are point out, despise all the battles. I have only one word. SAD

  5. I’ve always been impressed with MLK. First learned of him when I attended a Christian college and the library had VHS’s of his speeches. I watched the Dream speech several times. However, more recently I’ve come to realize that there was Something missing in his speeches. Never once in a taped speech, a book, or any other media, never once can you find MLK talking about the Lord Jesus, or about what Christ did for us on the Cross, dying for our sins, including the sin of racism and applying the fabulous work of Christ to the problems of race. Sure, MLK’s ideas are Biblical. But I’m saying, MLK’s ideas don’t point his listeners to the Cross of Christ. On a hill too far away, we learned that putting Christ and His cross back into the middle of things is the best way toward resolution of almost anything. If MLK would have done that his message would have been infinitely more powerful and sustaining than it was. There is nobody more effective, nobody more powerful, nobody more kind, nobody more merciful, nobody more loving than the One who Paid It All. We owe Him the chance to save us from ourselves. Last Sunday the pastor of our church tied the racism problem back into Jesus, the great Healer, the Saviour of Mankind! He is the only One who can solve racism through transforming hearts.

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