Don’t get out much?


Wow, I was a little lost this morning inside my head — just a little fatigue from the season, being way behind on Christmas, and wondering if I had what it takes for this day. Well, of course I have that in Christ, but that’s sometimes more a piece of knowledge than it is a feeling. Somehow I ended up on Facebook. I found some messages and in a few minutes, I connected with a bunch of people who wanted to connect with me, and it was amazing how quickly my attitude changed. I felt like I hadn’t gotten out in a long time.

One guy posted a picture of me taken when I had lunch with him in the ‘80s somewhere in Michigan. Others had comments about church. One picked “Brightest and Best” as his favorite Christmas song. How cool is that? I was able to tell him that this week we are releasing a downloadable compilation of all the Christmas related songs I’ve recorded over the years. (Yes there’s enough of them for a whole album.) I didn’t know I had that many until we started counting.

If it sounds like I’m just poking my head up out of the sand, well that’s pretty much what it is. When it comes to social media, I’m a little late to the party, but I may be starting to get it now. After just a few minutes, I felt like I had gotten out of my shell. I felt a little like I feel when I go on the road and meet new people. I always get energized by the exchange. The same thing happened here in just a few minutes and I didn’t have to go anywhere. You guys woke me up.

Someone questioned whether you can have real church on line. Last night, 431 people gathered together online for church at the Catch. We sang, prayed, focused on a passage from the scripture and shared comments back and forth. It was interactive with many people taking part, even commenting on the message. One thing this church is doing that the local church can’t is that it is taking the gospel world wide.

The virtual world is by far the largest unreached people group on planet Earth, with over 70 million people who are active. The virtual Catch has flesh-and-blood people in a virtual (but real) community with other flesh-and-blood people whose primary meeting place is in synthetic space.

Does the Catch have a real community? Christians are about people in communion with God rather than a building. Besides, since when does the location of a church determine the quality of its community? It’s not where we meet, or how we meet, but that we meet. As long as the people of God are meeting together to glorify Him, the ministry is real. In the end, a local Christian community could never really reach the whole world. The Catch can.

This week we will be talking about the Bells of Christmas and how you can take part. Look for more of this in future Catches and a special email. It’s a way you can honor someone significant in your life.

“Every time a bell rings, an Angel gets its wings.”

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