Christ was born; so what?


Last night, on our BlogTalkRadio interview I asked Craig McNair Wilson what the world would be like if Jesus hadn’t been born and got an answer I wasn’t expecting. He answered the question with another question (something Jesus did often, actually). It’s a sobering question and one we all need to ask ourselves, and ask ourselves again and again and again: Does it make any difference?

If Jesus had never been born we’d all be living on our own. Well … are we living on our own anyway? Are we living on our own even though we know we can be living and walking in Him? Are we counting only on our own resources, or are we counting on Him? To what degree are we on our own? To what degree are we depending on Him?

This is not a theological question at this point; it’s a practical living question — a question about our day-to-day existence. Theology aside for a moment: Would our lives be any different if Jesus hadn’t been born?

Or to put it another way: If someone followed us around for a day, would the fact that Jesus had been born show up in our lives in some real way? Does our living announce the birth of Jesus in some tangible way every day?

Think about this. Could any of this describe you? Christ was born and I’m living a life of worry. Christ was born and I’m living as if I had the world on my shoulders. Christ was born and I’m harboring animosity towards someone. Christ was born and I’m scared the death. Christ was born and I’m facing my challenges alone. Christ was born and I’m frozen in my inadequacy. Christ was born and I’m living in isolation. In other words, Christ was born, but my life denies it.

This is not to put anyone on a guilt trip, because we are not under law, but under grace, but are we taking advantage of the power and presence of God made available through Jesus? Christ was born; so what? Do our lives give evidence to the fact that Christ was born? How?

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7 Responses to Christ was born; so what?

  1. Mark D Seguin says:

    Another great question to consider asking myself in what evidence in my daily life show’s that Jesus was born.

  2. John A Fagliano says:

    I’m worried. I’m harboring animosity. I’m living with the world on my shoulders. I’m facing challenges…I’m..I’m…I’m…I’m… There’s the problem. More of Him and less of I’m.

  3. Sandie says:

    A 49 year marriage (to the same person!). Not killing each other when we were young and stupid and selfish. And that was before we were saved. A music ministry that was born out of the beginnings of our relationship. A blessing that started as a sin (our marriage). Three kids who are productive adults – five grandkids who are skilled and intelligent. A ministry with teens and bikers. Friendships that have lasted through many years.Laughter, and even the tears. A growing consideration for others. WISDOM through the fires of sin and repentance. A willingness to say “I’m sorry” and make up (if I can) for my sin; a willingness to grant the same to others. Most of all HOPE. By no means are any of these perfect, since I am a sinner saved by GRACE, straddling two worlds…the ‘now’ and the ‘not yet.’Would any of this have meaning if Christ hadn’t come? I don’t think any of it WOULD have happened without Him. Who would care? These words are inadequate to express what I know spiritually.

  4. Sandie says:

    Like Amy Grant sang in “Father’s Eyes” – I want to “find the good in things when good was not around” – I want “to be the source of help when help could not be found.” I want to have “eyes full of compassion, feeling every pain – knowing what you’re going through and feeling it the same…just like my Father’s Eyes.” Because Jesus came I CAN be that person! I CAN leave a place better for my having been there! I CAN bring hope and light into someone’s frustration and sadness. WE ALL CAN! “The Light shone in the darkness, and the darkness could not overcome it.” Don’t worry about how big or small your light is…just don’t shade it or let it go out…let Jesus take care of the rest! Come on…WE ALL HAVE A STORY!

  5. Sandie says:


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