It’s a wonderful life


In the Christmas classic, It’s a Wonderful Life, George Bailey, at a desperate time in his life, wishes he were never born. Clarence Odbody, Angel 2nd Class, sees this as his opportunity to save George from a drunken suicide and earn his angel wings. George is so despondent, he is about ready to jump into a river and drown himself when Clarence shows up and jumps ahead of him. Forgetting all about his own predicament, George jumps in after Clarence in order to save him. Clarence knew George would do this because it was always his instinct to put other people’s needs in front of his own. Clarence, then, through his angelic powers, grants George his wish and shows him what the town of Bedford Falls would have been like if he had never existed.

His brother, Harry, for instance, would not have survived a childhood accident that George saved him from, and therefore, would not have shot down a kamikaze plane in World War II that was headed for an amphibious transport, which would have killed everyone on board; his wife would have turned into a spinster; the people of the town of Bedford Falls would not have been able to afford the high-interest loans that the greedy Savings and Loan company that was George’s nemesis mercilessly leveled on them, instead of the low-interest Bailey Park that George created to help them get a head start. George doesn’t even realize the whole town is praying to God for him. It was a gruesome world without George, and a reformed George Bailey begs Clarence to have his life back, thus earning Clarence his wings.

Inspired by this beloved story, this season, throughout the month of December, as Christmas approaches, we want to explore what the world, and our lives would be like had Jesus never been born. Aside from the simple fact that we wouldn’t even know what year it is, what has Christ accomplished in the world, and personally in your own life by coming to earth? We will be exploring this huge question from many different angles which will give us all a fresh new look at Christmas. And we want you to take part. We want you to tell your stories. What would your Bedford Falls be like had Jesus never been born? What about your life?

By the time we get to Christmas, I think we are going to be overwhelmed by the incredible significance of this most important event in human history. We want it to be your most meaningful Christmas ever. So put some serious thought into what Christ has brought into the world and into your life and be sure and tell us about it by registering your comment below, or for a confidential response, write us at

What would the world be like without Christ? You might have a theological answer to this question, a historical answer, a philosophical answer, or a personal answer, but share it with us. Help expand our thinking and our appreciation for all that God has done for us through Jesus Christ.

Think about it. Though no one knows on what day Jesus was actually born, it’s for certain, had He not been born, December 25 would be just another cold winter day.

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7 Responses to It’s a wonderful life

  1. Mark D Seguin says:

    I stutter to think what would my like to if Jesus had never been born…. What a sad, unfulfilling life, my life would be…

  2. cazakblog says:

    John, there was a story written about that very thing, “If He had not come.” Here’s the story:

  3. My initial thought is that if there were no Jesus Christ, there would be no God the Father or God the Holy Spirit. Hence, there would be no beginning (or end) because there would be no Word, no Word with God, and no Word as God. Without Him nothing would have come into being that has come into being. There would be no life, no light of life to anyone – no Light of any kind shining in any darkness. And the darkness – if by any means perceptible – would be all there ever was, is, or forever will be. But even that type of darkness could not be recognized or described because learning, knowledge, and understanding would all be non-existent.
    There would be no cognizance, no opportunity, and no capacity to ask, argue, or wonder,
    “What if….?”

  4. John A Fagliano says:

    There is a difference between What If Jesus had not come, and What if Jesus had not come yet. In the second it would be just like the Old Testament days. Only the Jews would have been a part of that though. Since there would have been no reason or movement to spread belief in Yahweh to all the gentiles of the world you would have to wonder what would the majority of the western world believe. There is no real reason to think we’d all be some other major world religion since none of them would likely have the desire or ability to spread their own word to all the western world so what would we be? Would there be any faith at all in the western world?

    In the first question, it appears there is no God who would sacrifice heaven, come to earth as a man and suffer for the forgiveness of the sin of the world. In other words, the idea that God is Love would be very questionable. I don’t think I could believe in a God who asks us to sacrifice but never sacrificed Himself. I don’t think I could trust a God who would allow suffering but never suffered Himself. Without Jesus my whole view of God would not make sense. Perhaps I would be an atheist. Maybe I would be right to be one since a God of unconditional Love would not exist. Where would I be? Living a life without purpose or meaning. I really would not want a world without Jesus. But I would not have to worry since I’m sure the lost people of this world would have destroyed the whole world long before I was born. If one man named George Bailey can change his world, take away the effect of Billions of Holy Spirit filled Christians and that’s the world you’ve got. It would be gone.

  5. Tim logan says:

    If Jesus had not come there would Be No hope.

  6. drewdsnider says:

    For starters, what music would we have if we didn’t have God to glorify and Jesus to celebrate?
    In my own life, I’d probably be dead by now, driven mad by pride and arrogance and frustration that things weren’t working out the way I thought they should: those faults, I would have embraced as “character traits” — the “Born This Way” mindset — and not something I needed to lay at the Cross every day, since only Jesus can help me overcome them.
    As for the world, there are a few possible scenarios that I see. One, is that the world would have devolved into a strict class system, with the strongest and most intelligent ruling everybody else and a Medici-like family ruling over all. Their method for maintaining power would have been along the lines of CS Lewis’ explanation of a totalitarian society, where people are convinced that their picayune life-span was nothing compared to the eternal glory of the State, and so they had nothing to hope for beyond their depressing, insignificant existence.
    Two, is that everyone would be guided by their own moral compasses — based on what “works for me” — and the world turns into a Wild West scene, without the kindly parson around to counsel people on the right way to go.
    Three, is there there wouldn’t be an Earth, since God would not love us and have mercy but would have left the water where it was, not told Noah about it and gone off to create another planet in a galaxy far, far away, hoping He’ll get it right this time.

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