Go, Disciple. Go!



Tall disciples.

Short disciples.

Short and tall disciples.

Black, white and brown disciples.

Male and female disciples.

“Hello!” “Hello!”

“Do you like my hat?”

“I do not.”

“Good-by!” “Good-by!”

Jesus and three disciples on the move.

Go, disciples. Go!

Jesus and three disciples going into town.

Jesus and four disciples going out.

Jesus sees a man.

Jesus sees a man at a tax collector’s booth.

“Matthew!” He says.

Matthew gets up.

“Follow me!” Jesus says.

Matthew follows. Now there are five.

The disciples are all going around, and around, and around.

“Go around again!”

Jesus sees two men under a tree.

“Follow me!” He says.

Jesus finds more disciples until there are twelve.

Go, disciples. Go!

“Hello again.” “Hello.”

“Do you like my hat?”

“I do not like that hat.”

“Good-by again.” “Good-by.”

Jesus and His disciples go around again.

Look at those disciples go.

Go, disciples. Go!

“Stop, disciples. Stop!” “There is a sick man.”

Jesus heals the sick man.

Disciples at work. Disciples at play.

Go, disciples. Go!

Now it is night.

It is time for sleep.

Jesus and the disciples go to sleep.

“Get up!” It is day.

Time to get going.

There they go.

Look at those disciples go!

Go, disciples. Go!

Why are they going so fast?

What are they going to do?

Where are those disciples going?

Look where they are going.

They are all going to that house over there.

It’s Matthew’s house.

What will they do there?

Will they work there? Will they play there?

What’s up at Matthew’s house?

It’s a party! A big disciple party!

Tall disciples, short disciples, black disciples, white disciples, brown disciples, male disciples, female disciples, tax collectors, sinners, Pharisees are all at a disciple party!

What a disciple party!

“Hello. Do you like my hat?”

“No I do not,” says a Pharisee. “I don’t like that hat. I don’t like anything here. I don’t like you.”

Go, Pharisees. Go!

“Hello again. And now do you like my hat?”

“I do. What a hat! I like that party hat!”

“Good-by!” “Good-by.”

Note: Any similarity between this Catch and the book, Go, Dog. Go! is entirely intentional. Dedicated to Christopher.


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3 Responses to Go, Disciple. Go!

  1. Mark D Seguin says:

    I liked Today’s Catch

  2. Becky Uhrig says:

    Really enjoyed this catch. Definitely related to my career of 41 years teaching early elementary kids!

  3. Cindy Miller says:

    Loved it! Go dog go was one of the favorites when I read to my kids nightly. Brought back great memories as my kids are in their 20s and 30s now and have 7 grandkids and another due in Jan. Of course I read Go dog go to the grandkids also!

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