Happy Thanksgiving


We are basically at the halfway point in our study into the Book of Acts. At this point, all of the groundwork for the new church has been laid. The church is firmly established, as Jesus directed, in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and it has already begun in what is still spreading until this very day into the uttermost part of the earth. The rest of Acts is mostly taken up with the three missionary journeys of Paul and his various companions establishing churches in Greece, Asia, Macedonia,  and finally, Rome. 

What we’ve learned so far is that the church was formed and built by ordinary people like you and me who were yielded to the leadership of the Holy Spirit in their lives. It didn’t take a genius, or a PhD, or a church plant consultant team to establish the church, it took a bunch of people willing to step out in faith. It’s the same today. We don’t need trained professionals to accomplish the work of God in the world; we just need committed people, and it’s becoming more and more evident that this is what God wants today.

For a rare opportunity to walk in on three such people who make up Marti’s discipleship group and see how their commitment to the Lord and each other is affecting their lives and the lives of those around them, click here to listen to last night’s BlogTalkRadio interview. I hijacked Marti’s discipleship group so that we all could see what a 21st century book of Acts looks like. Remember, this is Acts 2017.

This is really what the early church was like — little discipleship groups springing up everywhere. In many cases there were no Apostles present except for an occasional visit from Paul and his companions. And yet God guided this development through the Holy Spirit. Everything was as it should be.

This is why were are looking at how God wants to grow the church today, and not only grow it, but transform it, as He did 45 years ago using the Jesus people to revitalize a stale, stuck church. It was all done by the Holy Spirit working through novices like us. And it can certainly happen again. This is what we are watching for, praying for, working for.

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  1. Mark D Seguin says:

    Happy Thanksgiving.

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