The case of the vanishing hitchhiker


As for Philip, an angel of the Lord said to him, “Go south down the desert road that runs from Jerusalem to Gaza.” So he started out, and he met the treasurer of Ethiopia, a eunuch of great authority under the Kandake, the queen of Ethiopia. Acts 8:26-27

Have you ever had an unction to tell somebody about Jesus? The Holy Spirit just puts someone on your heart and mind. It might be a total stranger, as it was in this case, or it might be someone you know, but you know you’re supposed to tell that person about Jesus. Better do it. That’s what happened to Phillip in this, one of my favorite stories in the book of Action.

“The Holy Spirit said to Philip, ‘Go over and walk along beside the carriage,’” which he did. And when he did, he overheard the man reading from the prophet Isaiah — the very passage that prophesied about Jesus and how he was to die and why. Was this a set up or what?

So Phillip asked the man, “Do you understand what you are reading?” To which the man replied, “How can I, unless someone instructs me?” So up Phillip went into the carriage and told how Jesus suffered and died and rose again — a sacrifice for the sins of the world — and the eunuch hungrily accepted the news. So much so that when they passed by a body of water, the man cried out,  “Look! There’s some water! Why can’t I be baptized?” Well why not?

So Phillip and the treasurer of Ethiopia, a man of great authority under Kandake, the queen of that country, went down to the water and Phillip baptized him. “When they came up out of the water, the Spirit of the Lord snatched Philip away. The eunuch never saw him again but went on his way rejoicing.” The Holy Spirit had given Phillip entree into the heart and mind of one of the most influential leaders of an African nation, and suddenly, the gospel was on its way to the “uttermost parts of the earth.”

If you stay in tune and sharpen your ear to the Holy Spirit, stuff like this will happen to you. As surely as hearing a voice, the Holy Spirit will impress upon you that you should start up a conversation with someone. It will start with a conversation, and in that conversation, there will be an opening — a literal invitation to tell that person about Jesus. You will start with something they already know, and you will finish the story. You will not interrupt the person, nor will you force your way in, but you will be invited to come alongside. It’s easy, it’s natural, it’s all directed by the Holy Spirit. And will you vanish from sight? Probably not. But then again, who knows? This is just Acts, 2017. Anything can happen.

I know this has happened to some, if not, many of you. Maybe not the vanishing part, but the unction to tell someone about Jesus. Write me and tell me your story so we can encourage one another!

*Kandake, also known as Candace, Kendake or Kentake was the title for queens and queen mothers of the ancient African Kingdom of Kush, also known as Nubia and Ethiopia. They were known as Nubian warrior queens, queen regents, and Ruling queen mothers. They controlled what is now Ethiopia, Sudan, and parts of Egypt.
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