All’s Well That Ends


All’s Well That Ends Well may suit a Shakespearian play by that title, but it doesn’t suit the Los Angeles Angels, whose major league baseball season ended two days ago even though they have three more games to play. For the Angels as for the 19 other teams that won’t make the playoffs, it should simply be: All’s Well That Ends.

But in truth, it can end well, even though it ends abruptly. In theory, all of our endings can end well — even the losses — depending on how we receive them.

Think about your life. Our lives are made up of a long string of endings and beginnings. We are at any given time, most likely ending something and beginning something else, whether it be a relationship, a job, a project, a game or just even a day. And the key to ending well is in seeing, believing and knowing that God is in control in spite of everything that is not well. He is making something out of nothing. He is making something out of everything.

He is making something new.

“And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.” (Romans 8:28)

Monday we will begin a series colored by events from the book of Acts. Acts is essential to getting a picture of how Christians interact with the world. What does faith look like? What does it mean to believe? Can we expect to see God at work in the world without and within our lives?

The Book of Acts gets its stage set by the worst ending possible: the man His followers thought was the Messiah has just been crucified; all hope connected to His marvelous words and miraculous deeds is gone; His disciples have all scattered; His closest friends have both betrayed Him and denied they ever knew Him; everyone who was close to Him is now fearing for their own life; it’s over.

Yet out of these seemingly impossible endings, a new beginning is born. We will watch for that beginning and we will look for it in our own lives. We will watch the transition from helplessness to hope. We will learn to spot what God is up to — what is He doing in His Spirit and how we can get on the action. Don’t miss any of this!

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