News from the front lines


And now some words from some of our Catch members we have been praying for who were in or near the path of Hurricane Irma.

Sandie and Bobbie write that they came through Irma in one piece. Lost their power about 7:30 at night and endured a steamy, noisy night. Generator ran most of today until power was restored about 3:30 the next afternoon. Their two sons and their families came through with little damage but still are without power.

Bare and Mellissa report that they not only are safe, they have no damage to their home, and they made it through one of the worst hurricanes in history without even losing power.  Power that is out all around them except for their community. “Thank You Jesus,” will never cover it, but it is what they are blessed to say.

And sadly, Carolyn writes: “Please pray that God will provide avenues for my daughter, Pam, who lost everything in the flood. FEMA has turned her down for any financial help.”

Kimm is ready to move a friend who is blind and confined to a wheelchair if evacuation is required. He’s anticipating resistance because his friend, like so many like him, doesn’t want to leave home no matter what. Kimm also reminds us that wildfires have been burning up Montana for months and there is no end in sight. Please pray for the people affected in this area as well.

Drew reminds us to pray for people in the Western States and Canadian provinces who have been evacuated due to devastating wildfires; also for those who are affected in faraway cities due to the smoke causing hazardous air quality.

Finally, one of our Catch members reminds us that while acknowledging the tragedies afar off and sending money if we can, yet the most important tragedies are our own neighbors, community, friends and relatives. That is who we should be giving our time and most of our money to help! Usually they are never heard of in the media or the news and they need special attention and help, and we know about them personally! “We can actually be using our own hands and feet to help them and look into their eyes and know and be known.” Well said. May God make us sensitive to those around us who need help.

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3 Responses to News from the front lines

  1. TimC says:

    Thank the Lord for protection for my daughter-in-law and two grandsons in Palm Coast, FL (on the East coast.) They rode out Irma with no damage or flooding. I see on the Facebook page for the apartment complex that power might be restored today. Cell service is still unknown.

    Meanwhile, also pray for my son in the Air Force with a one year assignment to South Korea.

  2. Sandie says:

    In the middle of our relief, joy and praises that we came through Irma unscathed…there is guilt. So many have lost so much. It brings the questions from our non-believing friends…”How could God let this happen if He loves us so much?” And even we wonder at who stands and who falls, so we stumble when we try to answer. The truth is, there is no answer – at least none that we could understand in our human frailty. All we can do is love – look for His Light wherever it shines and try our best to keep it glowing.When you leave a place – leave it better than when you entered…a smile, a kind word, a handshake or hug, a pat on the back – so that when you return you are welcome and anticipated. And if you never return you will be remembered with kindness and respect.Don’t ever miss a chance to say “I love you.” Your chance may never come again.And remember, there are many ways to say it; sometimes no words are needed.

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