A Catch for every morning


I was working on a Catch at a local coffeehouse when a bus rolled by with a sign: “There’s a McDonald’s for every morning.” It got me thinking, and a few minutes later I had written this poem. I hope you enjoy it, and that it will make you smile… givepray… whatever is appropriate. Thank you for helping keep us going.

There’s a Catch for every morning,

There’s a prize in every Catch

There’s a vision or a warning

Or a challenge to be stretched


There are many who are praying

And counsel to be met

With wisdom that is waiting

To eradicate regret


And for those who think this comes for free

It most certainly does not

It is paid for every day

By those like you who care a lot


And now we stand before

A great expanse of unknown worth

To discover what the Lord will do

Through the offer of new birth


For the signs are everywhere you look

And the rumble can be heard

Of a long and distant thunder
From the center of His word


So as the Spirit gets us ready

With the faith to make us strong

May we listen long and steady

For the sound of a new song


A song drawing people to the Lord

Not driving them away

Because it us a song of hope

And grace for each new day


A song that draws us all together

And no longer apart

And keeps us going on forever

Connected at the heart

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3 Responses to A Catch for every morning

  1. Loreta says:

    Excellent, thank you.

  2. I once read a post called The Catch
    A devotion that no one could match
    The author sincere
    Made Truth very clear
    To God’s Love he’d help us attach!


  3. Mark D Seguin says:

    love the poem! 🙂

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