Everybody loves a wedding


Everybody loves a wedding. You see a bride and a groom or a wedding party filing out of a church or a hotel, or you see a car decorated “Just Married” and you immediately stop what you are doing and notice. You can’t help it. There is joy. There is laughter. There is certainty. There is celebration. There is hope. You know there will be rough seas ahead, but right now the sky is blue, the sea is calm, the breeze is at your back, and there is clear sailing ahead.

Everything is new. You love — you are confident of that — and you are loved back by someone you know you don’t deserve — someone better than you could have ever imagined. Today you are invincible. No matter what lies ahead, you know you can weather it.

Our wedding last weekend was a remarriage. Trust had been broken, but it can be rebuilt. It will take time, but it will be possible. The key is to make promises and keep them, and have a recovery plan for when you break a promise because no one’s perfect.

I broke a promise to you yesterday. You didn’t get a Catch. I have good excuses, but that does not matter. I still broke the promise. I could have just let it go by and some of you wouldn’t even have noticed because you don’t read every Catch anyway. Others of you might have thought the problem was with your delivery system. I might have gotten away with it in most cases, but an important trust would have been broken. Trust can only be built with truth. Thus, I am telling you the truth in an attempt to regain your trust.

Resized_2Jim and Suzanne are rebuilding their trust, and it started with a wedding. The pictures you see here were taken by a person in the nearby restaurant who was taken by our ceremony, snapped some pictures and shared them with us later. See what I mean? Everyone loves a wedding.

I know there are many relationships that need to rebuild trust. Jim and Suzanne need your prayers. Old habits are hard to break. Others of you have asked for prayer, still others of you need to. That’s what our prayer button is for. Use it.

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2 Responses to Everybody loves a wedding

  1. Mark D Seguin says:

    Prayers 4 Jim and Suzanne ❤

  2. Tim says:

    I always feel guilty when I don’t read the Catch.
    If we’re being truthful I admit I have skipped a few.
    You’re faithfulness is astounding.
    I have no idea how you and Marti do this but I admire and appreciate you both.

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