Too good for God?


No one is too anything for God.

Now, obviously this needs to be explained, but not too much, because I bet you get the gist. The idea would be to put in any obstacle that you think might disqualify you for a relationship with God, such as “No one is too bad for God.” Or “No one is too stubborn ornery… unfaithful… ugly… sinful… stupid… too anything for God.”

How about those who think they are too far gone for God? Not the case. Maybe someone thinks that he or she has sinned just one too many times. Or maybe you can’t forgive someone, so how could you be forgiven? Or maybe you have a bone to pick with God, which would make you too mad for God. But that’s just the thing. No one is too anything for God.

There is nothing that can keep you from the love of God—nothing that cannot be overcome by His grace. So if you’ve been thinking that God might be for some people, but not for you, because you are too… well, think again, because no one is too anything for God.

With one exception.

If you think about the Pharisees and religious leaders of the Jews — the ones that gave Jesus a hard time and ultimately killed Him — then you realize there are people, most surprisingly, who are, because of how they perceive themselves, too good for God. Here are people who are actually too proud for God — too religious, too important, too busy, too holy … too good for God. Anyone who thinks they have earned anything in the sight of God except to fall on their face before Him and plead for mercy, is simply too good for God. And here we thought all along that Christians were the good people.

What a tragedy, and what an irony, that the only people who are disqualified from being Christians are those who (think they) are too good.

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2 Responses to Too good for God?

  1. Mark D Seguin says:

    Another good & insightful Catch.

  2. John A Fagliano says:

    “You will be like God”  That was the first lie Satan ever told and He’s been deceiving people with it ever since. When one believes that they have somehow risen to the top of humanity and have become like God the are now beyond criticism, correction, and a need to repent or change. To disagree with them is to disagree with God. But we are all sinners and therefore need all of those things.
    The other reason it’s a lie is that we are already like God in that He created us in His image. This means everybody is the same: All are in God’s image. All are sinners. Once we see this we know the truth. Repentance is needed to restore us to what God already made us…images of Him.

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