“Life Short Call Now” is a song by Bruce Cockburn. It’s also a pretty good idea.

Years ago we talked about this — about calling someone you love just to call. No favor. No agenda. Just a call. Because you realize that life can be over so fast you lose your chance. You pick up the phone and someone’s not there anymore.

I have a daughter in Hawaii. When was the last time I picked up the phone just to say Hi? Heck I have a son in Placentia. What about him? Placentia can be just as far away as Hawaii if you don’t call. But if you do, they’re right there, a voice or a FaceTime away.

The T. S. Eliot quote, “Where is the life we have lost in living?” often haunts me. What is life for, if not for relationships? And what is wrong with our living, if in it, we have no time for the people we love – even the people we would love to love if we had the chance? Why not give ourselves that chance? Why not take it? It’s about restructuring our priorities.

I have one particular friend who loves to chat. Sometimes I hesitate to call him because I’m moving faster than that. I need a quick answer, but I know my pace will slow down as soon as I get him on the line. He’s made different choices. He lives his life at a pace that allows him to do this, or at least he makes conversation a priority. I’m the agitated one, ripping through my moments with not a care for anyone but myself and my agenda. What is life for if not for connecting with friends long enough to be meaningful? Does something have to be set aside for this? Then set it aside.

I’m obviously speaking to myself today. You may not need this, but I desperately do. That’s why I’m not going to let it go. One Catch five years ago was not enough, at least not enough for me.

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1 Response to LIFE SHORT / CALL NOW

  1. whew, can definitely relate. Some days I feel like if people didn’t ‘need’ something from me (work-related or church project related), I’d never have another conversation again! Even with coworkers or clients, I try to have just a sentence or two asking how they are or what might be happening. Sometimes I can get a word in edgewise, but mostly people ‘have to go’. I figure I’ve spent enough time fending off long conversations in the past that this is payback!! Not the best way to live, for sure!

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