Christmas in June

A couple weeks ago, on Father’s Day, my oldest son and I attended a Los Angeles Angels game at Anaheim Stadium. They were playing the Kansas City Royals and they lost. That didn’t really matter since it was an opportunity for the only two living dads in our family to hang out together. I wrote about that experience the next day — some reflexions about three Kansas City fans who were sitting behind me. That Catch ended with “You can learn from the past; you just can’t go live there.” Which is a little ironic since that is what I want to do today for a minute. We’re going to relive Christmas in June.

I thought of this because that’s what the Angels were doing that day. They were in the middle of a Christmas in June promotional. It was strange to see the stadium draped with wreaths and garlands, and attendants wearing Christmas pins. The videos they showed on the big screen had what looked like snow falling on the screen and with clips from popular Christmas movies thrown in. I decided I didn’t like it, but I have second thoughts today. Today Christmas in June becomes useful to me because if it’s Christmas, then I am not so late in getting that free download of my new book we promised to all of you who took part in our end of year campaign.

So Merry Christmas, and if you took part in this campaign, look for an email with instructions about downloading your new book in the next few days. Otherwise, see below about purchasing your own version. And while you’re at it, buy some for your friends. Makes a great stocking stuffer!

It’s called The Reluctant Warrior: Unleashing the Warrior within You, and it is based on a series of Catches I wrote two years ago on the life of Gideon, one of the early judges in Israel. It turns out to be a very practical study on God using ordinary people like you and me.

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