Hotline to Heaven

th-7I am not pleased when I realize how often I forget that prayer is a viable option. Sometimes it’s the last thing I think of. Sometimes I never think of it. And by this I don’t mean my own personal prayer in which I am undernourished as well, I am thinking of corporate prayer — the knowledge that there are people I can pray for and people praying for me, or even people available waiting to pray for me. Am I doing anything about that? Are you? Am I just complaining about the world and my situation in it, or am I doing something about it? Prayer is doing something about it.

We have a large community, and we have a great amount of prayer power available to us. When you press the prayer button below and send in a prayer request, you are initiating a series of events that can change the world. We are not just playing games here. Prayer is the most important thing you can do about a problem.

Initially, twelve people will receive your request and start praying immediately. These are a very special group of people. They take prayer and their assignment seriously. We did not pick these people. They came to us at their own unction. We never put out a call for prayer warriors. The first one — the one who started it all — came to us unannounced. He wanted to know why, with such a large community at our fingertips, we didn’t have a prayer ministry. Well … we never thought of it. When we asked him what we should do to get prayer warriors, he said, “Nothing.” Okay …

“They will come.” And you know what? They did. One by one, twelve people came to us within a few weeks, announcing God had called them to pray.

Now the only way I can describe these people, though it sounds kind of mercenary, is that they are professionals when it comes to prayer. Sometimes they are called intercessors. They stand in the gap. Prayer is not wishful thinking. It is a powerful spiritual weapon that cancels the plans of the devil against the people of God and establishes our Lord’s plan for the huge work we are called to do, and these people wield that weapon. They have the hotline to heaven. They have the red phone.

They not only pray; they know what to pray for. More often than not, it will not be what you asked for. They pray according to the will of God. They take your request and go before God and He shows them what to pray. And they pray until they have an answer. If we don’t hear back from you, we will contact you to find out what happened.

In addition to our prayer warriors, every weekend we take the requests that have come in that week and we summarize them using only first names and no email addresses. This we send out to our PrayerPartners, a list of over 300 people who have touched, or been touched by, our prayer ministry in some way and expressed a desire to stay involved. And we send the same list out to our MemberPartners, so that within a week, your request will have been exposed to almost 500 people who are praying as well as our prayer warriors. It’s kind of like the generals and the foot soldiers.

If we let all this go by and don’t take advantage of it, I can only think of three things that might be going on: 1) we forgot this resource was there, 2) we think our problem is too small and somehow not worthy of prayer (such a thing does not exist), or 3) we don’t believe it will make any difference. Let’s hope it’s not the latter.

One more thing. Remember this resource is for anyone — others you know who may not be “of this fold.” It doesn’t matter. If there’s a need, we’ll take it on. Often, I’ll be going over my emails and I will come across someone who needs help and just before I hit delete because I’m thinking I can’t do anything for this person, I remember our prayer ministry and think, “Wait a minute — I can do something.” Now that’s the way to think!

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  1. Mark Seguin says:

    Great Catch! Also to Sadie how did the Doctor’s appt. go 4 u today?

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