Business (not) as usual


After over two decades of working with world humanitarian enterprises and dealing with pressing global crisis situations, Michael McCausland has come to the conclusion that the greatest need in the world today, even here in America, is not food, shelter and clean water but job creation. The greatest need worldwide is for jobs. Give people the dignity of their own jobs and they will become self-sustaining and able to solve the problems of food, shelter and water without becoming dependent on handouts that rob them of dignity, creativity and innovation.

To help reach this goal, Mike has formed a training program for entrepreneurs called Leadership Institute For Entrepreneurs (LIFE) which incorporates a 5-day MIT Entrepreneurship Boot Camp. “Our vision is to train 10,000 successful entrepreneurs creating 500,000 new jobs within 10 years.” Michael is helping people discover who they are and what their gift is which leads to purpose and destiny. It’s what he calls “Identity-driven entrepreneurship.”

The training is all based on biblical principles without announcing chapter and verse. He calls it “Kingdom business.”

“There’s a big difference between a Christian business and a Kingdom business,” said Michael in our in an interview last night on BlogTalkRadio. “One has lots of ‘Christianese’ verbiage, the other is based on original design by God. You don’t have to use Christian words to share eternal principles.” And then he gave an example of what he meant by asking about the purpose of work. Most people would say the purpose of work was to make money to pay the bills. Yet we were ordained for work from the Garden of Eden. The purpose of work is not to make money, he said, it’s to use your gift to serve others.

“Do you have a gift? Do you know your gift is not for you? Your gift was given to you to serve others. By serving others with your gift we create this plug and play of humanity and community like Lego blocks … Instead of profit, we talk about fruitfulness. We redefine terms and then integrate them into a culture that values people — that tries to unlock their gift and their skill set. Then they can achieve their purpose. And then we talk about destiny being a team sport. Together we steward one another’s destinies within our culture.”

Do you see what he’s doing here? These are all eternal principles designed by God that work in the real world, but we don’t need to use Christian terminology to talk about them. We don’t need to wave a little flag that says this is a Christian faith-based leadership training program. Instead of talking from 1 Corinthians 12 and the Body of Christ, he’s talking from Lego blocks, purpose and destiny. He’s designing their whole strategy based on the kingdom of God without telling people. And to a person — believers or non-believers — they all agree that the principles are true.

Some will argue, “Well, you’re taking God out of the equation,” to which I would say, “No, God is everywhere; you’re just not announcing Him.” In time, people will find out if they want to find out, and when they do, it will have a greater impact than if you started with God and the Bible and Christianity. They will already be invested in the truth. They will know it works. They will recognize it as God’s design because that was the way they learned it in the first place.

“We’re talking about a movement, not an idea,” said Michael, “not business as mission but business is the mission. Ordained by God since the garden.”

Believe me, we’re all for movements. We believe we are at the start of the next great move of God in western culture. Tune into last night’s radio show if you want to find out more about why, and what you can do to get involved.


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3 Responses to Business (not) as usual

  1. Mark Seguin says:

    As I listened last night & read the Catch today was very excited about this: “..designing their whole strategy based on the kingdom of God without telling people.” Which I wish some of the big leaders in Amway would learn! Because in that business one of the main ways to build a very profitable Biz is by helping others… yet wish some of the leaders wouldn’t often tell others that’s one of the reason’s God can & does bless the Amway Biz – just wish some of the leaders would let others see that for themselves… If that makes any sense..?

  2. I need to listen to this. I watch my well-intentioned (I guess) Christian friends yell online about how welfare recipients need to be drug tested, get up and work, stop having kids, etc etc. We were made to work. And we feel good when we work. Jobs that used to be designed for teens are being taken by adults. Jobs that used to be plentiful, such as factory jobs, have been replaced, often by technology, with nothing for the people to retrain and look forward to. For people who have a safety net, or an extended family who can help, or additional education under their belt, they forget there are tons of people out there who just don’t have any of these things. And we berate them and belittle them for it. I hope this blogtalk radio addresses how to help build a bridge. Now we just need to figure out what the next ‘wave’ of new jobs might be in the future!! (sorry I rambled…this has been on my mind for quite awhile)

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