This is God Territory

April 14, 2017 
Attention: The Catch Family 
A Catch Citizen’s granddaughter is missing.  Let’s galvanize the Catch community to assist in the search for and the safe recovery of Miriam Morris.  
Miriam Morris is 18 years old 
Her hair is shorter than the picture and half her head is shaved.
She has no phone or drivers license
She left from Portland, Oregon and may be headed for Virginia Beach, where she lived with her family last year.  It is difficult to know what she is thinking.  For all we know, she might still be in the Portland area. But more than likely, she has left the area.
Her condition 
She’s approachable. 
She has Bi-Polar/Aspergers and has been off her medication for some time.
What if you see her?
If she is willing to talk to you…
– Call her Dad, Shawn Morris  (813) 785-8703
On the other hand, if she doesn’t want to talk to you…
-Notify the police and then call her Dad
Other contact numbers
– Her grandfather, Tim, and grandmother, Cindy: 260-251-1043
– John and Marti Fischer: 949-315-5533 
Give us her location so that we can employ our on-the-ground network to come alongside her and offer medical and human health. 
And by all means – let’s unite in prayer for Mariam for her safety and well-being. May one of us cross her path and be given the Lord’s guidance for the next step.  We pray for Tim and Cindy as well as the entire Morris family as they wait in the unknown.  

This is God Territory

Now on to our final entry in the “What if?” series:
What if it is our lives that help people make the connection between a God that is “out there” somewhere but “in here” with us? 
This is where we get into the deepest part of Easter. This is where we find out why all this happened. Why did Jesus have to die? Why did Miriam have to wander off and get lost? Why do bad things happen to good people? Why do bad people seem to get away with being bad? 

What if all these things happen that we might awaken people to God, though He’s been there all along? 
God loves us. He loves us when we’re being good and when we’re being bad. For Him, there is no difference with His love. He loves us so much, He incorporated a way He could love us in our badness. He did that on the cross. The cross is God loving us totally – right down through the worst we could do.  
What if God let evil slip into His world so He could show the universe (or universes) what love means – how far love would go?
What if God let pain into your life so He could show Himself through it?
One thing’s for sure: God is in here – in my life, and in yours. And the closer we get to people will be the closer they get to seeing Him. When people make a connection with us, they make a connection with God. This is God territory. That’s why we’ve been saying for so long, “walk alongside.” Walk alongside someone and they will be in a place where God is seen and known and believed. And God will make the connection. He will connect with Himself in the other person and something will resonate in their soul. Whether they pay attention to it is up to them, but we will have done our part just by being there.
We said we would not carry our campaign into Good Friday. But our MemberPartners have strongly encouraged us to stick with a campaign until we reach goal, and we still have just under $4,000 to go. So I am including a link to our contribution page in case you are led to join those below who have already graciously given.

Join these who have already contributed

Bob, Venetia, Pennsylvania
George, Barefoot Bay, Florida
Tim, Portland, Indiana
Lisa, Sunland, California
Linda, Rugby, Warwickshire, United Kingdom
Darin, Schuyler, Nebraska
Margaret, Midland, Texas
Pat, Normandy Park, Washington
Priscilla, Rochester, New York
Cynthia, Texas
Alan, Twyford, Reading, United Kingdom
David, Katikati, Tauranga, New Zealand
Keith, Portland, Oregon
Markus, Köln, Germany
Gary, Ozark, Arkansas
William, Hillsboro, Oregon
Sandy, Florence, Mississippi
JCT, Zulu Natal, South Africa
Michael, Lake Forest, California
Linda, Bainbridge Island, Washington
Shelly, Lewis, Terry, Kristin, Lois, David, 
Kathleen, James, Susan,
Lewis, and Shelly, (Addresses we do not have)
Laura, Campbell, California
Suzette, Mount Joy, Pennsylvania
Tammy, Jacksonville, Florida
Olen, Highland, California
Sara, Hopedale, Massachusetts
Michael, Boone, Iowa
Shelley, Chehalis, Washington
David, Memphis, Tennessee
Gary, Apache Junction, Arizona
Dan, Hershey, Pennsylvania
Arthur & Elizabeth, Arlington, Virginia
Markus, Köln, Germany
Chris & Beth, Placentia, California
Doug & Alice, Maple Valley, Washington
Joseph & Melody, Sugar Land, Texas
Dean, Victoria, Australia
Rick, White Rock, British Columbia
Ron, Orange City, Iowa
Julie, Powder Springs, Georgia
Melvin, Louisville, Kentucky
Christopher, Princeville, Hawaii
John, Longwood, Florida
Glenda, Tuscaloosa, Alabama
And thanks to these who provided us with generous matching funds:
Steve, Morton, Illinois
Tom, Oakland, California
Neil, Lititz, Pennsylvania
Tom, Wetumpka, Alabama
Dick, East Amhurst, New York
Jim & Marion, Palm Desert, California
Herb, Blue Mountain, Mississippi

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1 Response to This is God Territory

  1. Mark S. says:

    Prayers 4 this young woman & her family!
    PS great Catch too. ❤️

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