Plenty of reasons for the Catch

There are many reasons why the Catch Ministry exists. But for many within our community, those reasons can change on any given day. You come to the Catch each day from different perspectives which are always changing as the events in our lives change For example: 
  • On one day the Catch is an email that provides prophetic insights as you seek to connect your faith to your life. 
  • On another it is more, an online environment with virtual (but real) relationships that multiply when you return to the Marketplace 
  • But many times for many people the Catch is a beacon of hope, the only one they can see in their sometimes dire struggle to live out their convictions and their relationship with Christ. 
  • Still some will be facing their greatest battles, scheduled to unwind from the soul and take place out in the open air in the fullness of time. We are all born with several of these battles before us, and out they come, in turn, and it can be devastating. In these times the Catch allows for openness and honesty and a place to work out your faith with fear and trembling, and find out that God, all along, was working in you to bring about His will in your life. 
  • And we all have come to the Catch one time or another – if not daily – to embrace this thing called Grace and experience how it upends everything else…
  • And even more, as we respond in very personal ways to the hope of the Gospel of Welcome and find out what Grace Turned Outward means in our relationships and our place in the world. 
The point is: at any season in your life, the Catch Ministry is open for you 24/7 — today, yesterday, and who knows — maybe it will serve you tomorrow — and if not you, your fellow traveler along this journey we call life. 
For these reasons and more, we look forward to you financially supporting the Catch now, and if not now, very soon.
Yours for the Journey,
John and for Marti
Background to our request
Early in January, we announced that our $35,000 YearEnd Funding Campaign came up short by $17,500.  Instead of continuing the campaign, as many recommended, we were advised to lower our first quarter Program expansion expectations and trim our Development and Administrative related expenses. 
We did. 
But, with or without us, the expansion plans began exceeding our expectations anyway, requiring us to loosen our hold on administrative and development costs, and revise our downsized budget back to its original projection – $17,500. 
Thanks to the generous contributions of many, we are within $4,500 of our $17,000 goal. Within this group there is a contributor who has offered to match – dollar for dollar – your gift to the Catch Ministry. That means for every dollar you contribute, your donation is doubled. 
And in appreciation for your generous contribution, you will receive a gift from us: a copy of the soon to be released Reluctant Warrior: Discover the Warrior in You by John Fischer.
Click on the video to link to our contribution page, and Thank You!


We want to thank all those who have given so far. 
Bob, Venetia, Pennsylvania
George, Barefoot Bay, Florida
Tim, Portland, Indiana
Lisa, Sunland, California
Linda, Rugby, Warwickshire, United Kingdom
Darin, Schuyler, Nebraska
Margaret, Midland, Texas
Pat, Normandy Park, Washington
Priscilla, Rochester, New York
Cynthia, Texas
Alan, Twyford, Reading, United Kingdom
David, Katikati, Tauranga, New Zealand
Keith, Portland, Oregon
Markus, Köln, Germany
Gary, Ozark, Arkansas
William, Hillsboro, Oregon
Sandy, Florence, Mississippi
JCT, Zulu Natal, South Africa
Michael, Lake Forest, California
Linda, Bainbridge Island, Washington
Shelly, Lewis, Terry, Kristin, Lois, David, 
Kathleen, James, Susan,
Lewis, and Shelly, (Whose addresses we do not have)
Laura, Campbell, California
Suzette, Mount Joy, Pennsylvania
Tammy, Jacksonville, Florida
Olen, Highland, California
Sara, Hopedale, Massachusetts
Michael, Boone, Iowa
Shelley, Chehalis, Washington
David, Memphis, Tennessee
Gary, Apache Junction, Arizona
Dan, Hershey, Pennsylvania
Arthur & Elizabeth, Arlington, Virginia
Markus, Köln, Germany
Chris & Beth, Placentia, California
Doug & Alice, Maple Valley, Washington
Joseph & Melody, Sugar Land, Texas
Dean, Victoria, Australia
Rick, White Rock, British Columbia
Ron, Orange City, Iowa
Julie, Powder Springs, Georgia
Melvin, Louisville, Kentucky
Christopher, Princeville, Hawaii
John, Longwood, Florida
And a big thanks to those who provided us with matching funds:
Steve, Morton, Illinois
Tom, Oakland, California
Neil, Lititz, Pennsylvania
Tom, Wetumpka, Alabama
Dick, East Amhurst, New York
Jim & Marion, Palm Desert, California
Herb, Blue Mountain, Mississippi
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