What if?


It’s Easter week. We’re going to do something a little different. We’re going to call this “What if?” week. We’re going to ask questions about things we already assume are true — and some we may not have even thought of before — and look at them again in fresh light. Often we don’t really think through enough what we believe. Is faith like that? Do you just believe a certain number of important things and then go on your way with that thing settled? Or are you constantly being stretched by the ramifications of what you believe? Is it a sign of lack of faith to ever wonder about some of the obvious things? Don’t we have to keep thinking it through? Don’t we have to keep on asking questions? Is that okay? Is that healthy?

I believe it is not only healthy — it’s necessary. Faith is not a credo. It’s a living reality. I believe we are constantly going from doubt to faith and that we are constantly caught between the questions and the answers.

So where do we start? With the obvious.

What if God came to earth and walked among us? What would that look like? Would He start out as a baby? Would anyone know who He was? Would He be instantly smart, or gradually learn things? Would He know who He was? Would we know who He was?

What would He do? What would be important to Him? What would He try to accomplish? Would He try to fix everything? How would He treat people?

Would He have enemies or friends or both? If everyone knew He was God, how could He do anything? Wouldn’t He have people all over Him all the time? They wouldn’t give Him a chance to sleep or feed Himself.

Speaking of that, would He need to sleep? Would He need to eat? Would He get hungry and tired? Would He get angry, or frustrated, or lonely, or sad, or confused, or impatient? Would He ever regret coming to earth? Would He ever wish He hadn’t created us in the first place?

Would He ever get sick — like with a cold or something? Would He ever have a headache? Would He have to blow his nose or clear His throat? Would He ever lose His voice from talking too much? Would He ever have too much to drink? Would they ever have to put God down for a nap? Speaking of that, what would happen to the world while God slept?

Would He ever kick a soccer ball or try to ride on a skateboard? Or play on a team, and would they always win? Would He be sore afterwards, or wear a blister from His sandals?

Would He always be serious? Would it always be like: “Be quiet, God is speaking”? Or would He laugh? Would He listen? Would He care? Would He tell a joke, or laugh at yours?

What if God came to earth and walked among us? Who would watch the shop while He was gone? Would He run things from here? Would He set up God headquarters on earth?

What would be the point of God coming to earth? To be one of us? To find out what it’s like or to accomplish something? If so, what? Would He show us how to live so we could be like God? But how could we ever be like God if we weren’t God, too?

And how would it end? Would He die or would He just go on living forever?  And if He died, would that be the end of God?

What if God came to earth and walked among us? You tell me. Reply with your own questions. There should be a myriad of them. Reply however you want — privately by replying to this email, or publicly by commenting below or on Facebook. And let me know what some of your “What if”s are.

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4 Responses to What if?

  1. Suzan says:

    Would “He” be a he?

  2. Mark S. says:

    I love asking questions about my faith! For me it’s one of the best way 4 me to learn & grow!

    I am still amazed God’s son loves & died 4 me. When I ask myself why? I may never be able to completely understand it, but soooo greatful he/she does! ❤

  3. Lois Taylor says:

    I love it, John! I just read this Catch aloud to my husband. He said “Tell John that our finite minds can’t comprehend God.” I love the questions. They get us thinking about God and that’s what we should be doing….all the time. Thank you!

  4. Tim says:

    I question all of it all the time.
    Does the Bible have to be in arrant to be truthful?
    Was Mary really a virgin?
    Would his sacrifice be more meaningful if he wasn’t perfect?
    Was he tempted sexually?
    If I have doubts can I really be forgiven?
    If God is beyond our comprehension why do we spend so much time defining Him, Her?
    Why is it important that God is interested in me when there are starving children in the world?
    If humanity pissed God off so much to flood the earth and kill everyone but 8 people why didn’t He just send a savior then?
    How much worse could people have been 5,000 years ago than we are today?
    I could go on.

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