Halfway to God? I don’t think so.


There is no halfway to love. Love goes all the way. Halfway leaves you dangling on a bridge to nowhere, waiting for the other person to come to you, and that may be something they may not be able or willing to do.

Imagine if God required us to meet Him halfway. How far do you think that would be? Do you think you could get halfway to God? Do you think anybody could? Halfway to God? Halfway to heaven? I wonder how far that would be? Farther than any of us could imagine, I’m sure.

But it goes for each other too. If God does not require us to meet Him halfway, we mustn’t require it of each other either. Love doesn’t make deals. It doesn’t negotiate. If you’ll do this, then I will do that. That is not grace. Grace is not conditional. Grace is not predicated on anything from the other. It is just given. Grace reaches all the way across any barrier.

So if we are going to build bridges instead of walls, our bridges need to go all the way across. God does not put any conditions on His love for us, and if we are turning His grace outward to others, it’s the same unconditional love we will give out to others. Otherwise it is not from God.

Since when does God do anything halfway?

Think about this, then: in a relationship where either party is prepared to go all the way across to meet the other, then there is a good chance they will have a coming together. That bridge is going to be built. Whereas, if each is willing to only go halfway, there’s no guarantee they will ever reach each other. When it comes to bridge-building, we need to each be committed to building the whole bridge.

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3 Responses to Halfway to God? I don’t think so.

  1. Mark S. says:

    Another great catch pastor John! A lot my family & Facebook friends often hear from me grace turn outward and now build & cross the bridge to one another. ❤

  2. Sandie says:

    Jesus didn’t go ‘half-way’ to Jerusalem. Oswald Chambers indicates that from the beginning of his ministry, the face of Jesus was always ‘set toward Jerusalem.’ I just finished reading Killing Jesus by Bill O’Reilly. While it was written as a secular history of Jesus’ life, the intimate and at times horrific details of what He went through – physically, emotionally, spiritually, at the hands of those who hated Him – showed me graphically how far He went to build a bridge to us/me – then cross that bridge all the way to where we/I stood. And He still crosses that bridge every time I separate myself from Him. No, Jesus surely did not go ‘half-way’ to Jerusalem. So I cannot justify any of my ‘half-way’ attempts in life.

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