Life between the answers with certainty


My Catch is late today because I’ve been caught in the middle. It’s a familiar place. I commonly vacillate between wanting to give you the answers with certainty (that makes me look good), and wanting to capture what it is to live between the answers (that makes me look vulnerable), because in reality, that’s where we all are most of the time.

A lot of Christianity today deals in certainty. Right, wrong; black, white; true, false. Arrange your world accordingly. There’s a place and a definition for everything. Except that this isn’t discipleship or following Jesus; this is morality, and morality is not the gospel of welcome or grace turned outward. Morality is legalism. It is the old covenant. Moses is the hero of morality and Moses did not know of the grace of God. Nor did he know about vulnerability, brokenness, and failure, and how God works through all these things to accomplish His purposes in us. Moses only knew how to protect himself from these things and maintain his glowing reputation. Thus he never found out about the power of God made possible in weakness.

So I want to answer everything for you. Tie it up with a bow. But I can’t. And even if I could, it wouldn’t serve you well. It wouldn’t serve you at all. So we at the Catch champion life between the answers — life with multiple unanswered questions, and yet a life with God. God indwells us in the midst of uncertainty, and that’s why we can say, even with unanswered questions, this is a life of certainty. The certainty is the presence of God who is certain to make sense of this all some day. Which is why I like to call it: Life between the answers with certainty.

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1 Response to Life between the answers with certainty

  1. Roy and Pattie Dorsey says:

    Was blessed by “Have You Seen Jesus My Lord?” all those years ago when we worked as youth sponsors in CA. Now retired in FL but would love to have a recording of this song. Have looked for it for years. Is it possible? Thanks and may God continue to bless your ministry. Also remember the New Covenent and used it with our kids. Is that available?

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